Thursday, 15 December 2011

Yarcha gumba, make 450’000 Rs in a week

We have six security guards in the layout. All of them are from Nepal. Yesterday two of them asked leave for two month. I was surprised as it would be very cold and snowing in their place now. While checking with them one of them told me that he is going to collect insects. I got curious. Gave a bit of talk and asked him about the insect.
He told me that there is an insect found in the grass in this season which they would go and collect. This is sold in the market for high price. One Kg of this insect is sold for 100'000 India rupees. He said that it is not allowed to bring in to India, as it has got high price in India. He continued saying that these insects are not killed if found alive. It head is broken and found between the grass.
He continued to say many stories about this insect which attracted my interest to know what it is. Asked a few people but, none of them had idea on any such insect. I thought that the guy might have been saying something. But why should he be saying something?? Let me google it. I searched with all the names which he told me, but did not find any thing. It is also that the accent in which they speak pronounce some other word for some other. I continued searching to find this interesting information about Yarcha. Caterpillar fungi are the result of a parasitic relationship between the fungus and the larva of the ghost moth genus Thitarodes, several species of which live on the Tibetan Plateau (Tibet, Qinghai, West-Sichuan, SW-Gansu & NW Yunnan, all in China, and the Himalayas India, Nepal, Bhutan). The fungus germinates in living organisms (in some cases the larvae), kills and mummifies the insect, and then the fungus grows from the body of the insect.
Ophiocordyceps sinensis is known in the West as a medicinal mushroom and its use has a long history in Traditional Chinese medicine as well as Traditional Tibetan medicine. The hand-collected fungus-caterpillar combination is valued by herbalists and as a status symbol;[3] it is used as an aphrodisiac and treatment for ailments such as fatigue and cancer, although such use is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine, anecdote, and a limited amount of research. Clinical trials have not established its efficacy.
The fungus is a medicinal mushroom which is highly prized by practitioners of Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine and traditional Folk medicines, in which it is used as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for a variety of ailments from fatigue to cancer. It is regarded as having an excellent balance of yin and yang as it is apparently both animal and vegetable (though it is in actuality not vegetable, but fungi). Assays have found that Ophiocordyceps species produce many pharmacologically active substances. They are now cultivated on an industrial scale for their medicinal value. However, no one succeeded so far growing the larva cum mushroom artificially. All artificial products are derived from mycellium grown on grains or in liquids.
Read more about this in Ophiocordyceps sinensis in Wikipedia

Thursday, 1 December 2011

A great evening in Logica

I depend on some one or the other to reach a bus stop in the evenings as there is no bus in this route after 5:30 in the evening. Sometimes I get lucky enough to be picked up by some of those people who stay near to my home. Yesterday it was the same. I got a call from Rajesh Jampana. Rajesh's house is near to my home. He works late in office most of the days. Whenever he leaves by six he checks with me if I wanted to join him. I reached him, near the gate where he was waiting for me. When I got into the vehicle, I got a call from Raghavaraju (Raju) one of my teammate. He said his tire got punctured in the parking and would need some help, if I am not in an urgent. I told Rajesh that I would take time and asked him to carry on by himself. I called Srinivas Shanmugam (Srini), our teammate, who normally drops me in a bus stop in his bike to wait for me. Srini was already in the parking with Raju.

I know how would Raju be feeling inside when he saw the tire of his car flattened when he wanted to go back home after a whole days work. It was the front tire which got flattened. We did not want to pull the car out because it might spoil the tube. There was only a small gap between the cars. We got the tools and were installing the Jacky. I was fixing the Jacky liver sitting in between the cars.

"Come on you can bring a little front and do it…". I heard a voice from my back. It was a very familiar voice. The voice sounded as if it came from a speaker. Or is it that I have heard this voice through a speaker many times which made me feel that it is from a speaker. My second conclusion was right. It is because I have heard this voice through speakers many times. I turned back to see Abhay Gupte, CEO of India standing with the HR Director Pramod Fernandes. "Nothing would happen if you bring it a few feets ahead", Abhay completed the sentence. Since I have already screwed Jacky I sat down to loosen it, so that Raju can take it a little forward. As there was not much space in between the cars, I was struggling to rotate the liver.

Abhay came and sat next to me on his legs and tried to show me how to do it easier. He took the liver from me and started rotating it. He then handed it over to me and I continued the work. To make all of us comfortable he then told us how he had to change the tire in the middle of a forest and that too in the night. I saw Pramod an old rallyiest watching us. I asked Pramod if he was going through his old memories of Rally days, Pramod said that he never in his life had to change a tire. Both of them stood there for some more time watching us. When they understood that we guys know what we are doing they left. Before leaving, Abhay came back to me and said, "Well the minimum time I have ever taken to change a tire is three minutes". This was a motivation factor for me to do it faster. We changed the tire. Srni and I said bye to Raju and left. Srini dropped me in a bus stop.

Abhay just changed the evening in to a so exciting one. It was so simple for him to change the mood of we people who were stressed. The greatness of a person is the simplicity he carries. I do not know, at least not heard of any CEO who has helped his employees changing a flat tire. His last minute comment of his record speed in changing the tire not just made me make the complete thing in a sporty way but also made me surprised to see a man who has checked the time even for changing the tire. When time becomes so important and when you start respecting the time, the rest of all the things follow. I remember that some were I have read that it is this which was also one of the reasons for Steve Jobs to become what he had become.

Great Parents Club Proved its Greatness

There is something great about the great parents club (GPC). This was clear when we all saw the crowd of one hundred plus people in the visitors dining room for the last GPC meet. The word great in the name of the club is added by Prabodh Sirur who said if you are aiming to make a great club the name itself should say that. This Logo is designed by Ravikant Rahul Pandey who made the objective of the club visible to the world by a simple and very meaningful logo. The most difficult part is administrating and continuously bringing the club to the next level to reach the expectations of the members. A great salute to Mukesh Rijhwani and Yash Save who took up the challenge to administrate the club. Mukesh was already doing similar things in the company. He is one of the few fathers in the company who have raised the concern of having the importance of paternity leave in the company.

Coming back to the event, Preetha Bhat made the event so exiting and made it so lively. I think each parent in the room would have agreed to what she had said or would also agree that she was doing all those talking for all the people in the room. The room was full of energy and parents were turning in to children. It was the feeling of owning a status of a proud father/mother which made all those people to actively participate in the meet. Everyone in the room had something or the other to say or to take away for their children. Inspired from the event I thought of adding one column in my blog "Model Child of the Week" where I would be publishing the pictures of children if some parent is interested in publishing. I would also add some of the comments of the GPC members who have send their comments. I would also thank Syntillations SIG to make such a wonderful event happen. People were so proud to be part of the event. And also so proud in wearing the t-shirt which had pictures of their child printed on it.

It was one of my objectives to when I became Special Interest Group Administrator of Syntillations in 2010 to make personalized clubs for people in Logica. This is when the importance of a parents club struck my mind and worked on making it. Talked to many people and nothing was actually happening. I would also thank Nandakumar Kirupanandam (Nandu), who gave me all support in making the clubs. This is when Prabodh Sirur came up with his initiative of making videos of children. The idea was that parents have got to spend time with children and prepare them to present about some subject. This made me talk to him and got some ideas from him. It is then he said the name needs to be great parents club and not just parents club. Even after that, the club was not getting formed in to a shape. This is when I remembered a person who went all the ways up to make Logica India understand about the importance of having Paternity leave option in India. This is none other than our favorite Mukesh Rijhwani. Once talking to him there was no stop. He was so exited in taking up this challenge. And the one great parent I know personally was Yash Save. Both of them made up a pack. When these two people took up the challenge of bringing up this club, there was no turning back. But there is nothing.

Any club becomes great by the people who manage the club and the way it is managed making it the way expected of much above expected by the members of the club. And of course the members of the club are the one who make it truly great. I wish the club a great success ahead.

Save, Yash


Pasupuleti, Dharmaveera

It is a good event, well organised.Wonderful Idea A big thanks to organisers and SYNTILLATIONS.

Gangadhikar, Arpitha

Thank you for organizing such an event. It was great to know about different things about kids and their upbringing.

Kottur, Satish Chandra

This is the first time I attended an event related to parents. It was a great experience. Administrators and hosts have done a great job. Looking forward attending more events from GPC which would help me in being a better parent. Thanks you very much.:)

Shukla, Reena

Its interesting :)

Bommineni, MohanKumar

It was so informative and helpful to brought up my child which don't know and not following some useful tips. Thank you very much for Preetha and Latha Srinivasan, especially for Mukesh and JO for organizing such an event.
I hope this will be continuing like this in future also.


Guruvareddy, Poongodi

It was a great event to be part of. It's very important in this mechanical world to have forum like this to discuss and share our feelings, suggestions about our children and see that we bring up them in the right manner.
We don't live in big families to get to know lot about parenting in this Era. Only way is through such events.

Verma, Vivek

Well organised event and we should be doing it every month now onwards and should include the schools feedback and any good thing any parent has adopted for betterment of kid.
Big tahnks to Mukesh, Yash Jo and Preetha.

Chebrolu, Taranath

Thank you all. it's a wonderful event. But I felt fewer topics. Preetha's presentation is very impressive. Gifts are good. Thank to everyone who has contributed in this event.

Nonis, Noreen

Excellent with lot of energy.
Thanks for your effort.

Kannaiyan, Indumathi

Nice to see Logica parents at one place. Thanks to GPC administrators for organizing such a memorable event. Iam sure kids will be also happy to see the goodies and their pictures in T-Shirt. Overall very good initiative.

Ramakrishna, Deepa

I just joined yesterday and some of points for the parents are new learning experience for me. I really look forward to future events to more about parents and parenting.
Thanks for everything

Ghosh Dastidar, Tania (GO IN Application Management)

It was wonderful

Noordeen, Faisal

This was the first time I am partcipating this function. It was nice  experience for me. I wanted to join all the meetings in the future if convenient.

Whishing you all success and be proud to be a great parent of my child

Balan, Sheeba

I loved the way this event turned out ... Good start, wish that we have more of these sessions. Kudos to Mukhesh and the team for organizing this event. Your efforts are highly appreciated !!!

Seetharama, Rakesh

Firstly, a very big thank you for all those you were involved in organising this infomative & fun event.

Dasari, Madhu

Really a very decent and fantastic show by the GPC and we all have a good bonding now together as parents and starting to build ourselves as GREAT parents in near future. Congrats to JO and Mukesh and Yash as well for making their imagination, thoughts, time and more important patience which makes great parents in making.
Wishing them Great days ahead with more activities to come.
Have a wonderful days.
Madhu Dasari


Very nice to see so many parents gather to know about the group, sure people are interested to know, learn and share experience. THANK YOU

Govindan, Venkatesan


Pallapothu, Bala

The event was nice and the first one for the new joiners. I expect to learn lot more things on parenting being a member of this. and Thank you All.

Dabadi, Shankar

I was able to attend only part of this presentation. I was really nice to have this type of programms where we come out of work and share information and enjoy.

Annamalai, Srinivasan

Very nice event.

Mathivanan, Karthik

One of the most active and the best community this year..
Keep it rocking

Kasireddy, Vinatha

It was great and happy to be part of it as a great parent

Salim, Sulfy

A nice program and informative too. Please share the videos, ppts if the copies are available.

A big thanks to the Coordinators :)

Janardhanam, Bhuvaneswari

Wonderful Idea and thanks to GPC Team.

Meyyappan, Ramanathan

It was awonderful event. I enjoyed it. It was useful

Govindan, Venkatesan

Thanks lot  to you and SYNTILLATIONS for such events

Parambil, Prakash

Thanks for the T-shirt, certificate and the chocolates which I collected from you.

Sirur, Prabodh

Great show; Hope more and more members start networking/ contributing.

Nair, Suraj

Congrats Mukesh, came to know that the event was a grand success.

Seshagiri, Balaji

Thanks a lot for organizing these events ….

Bhuyan, Subrat

I am not in Bangalore now..But I can feel the success of GPC.

Verma, Vivek

A big thanks to you and SYNTILLATIONS for organising such events.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Taj Mahal could collapse within five years?

If some one of us has not yet seen one of the seven wonders of the world then it is the time. A very sad news has come out from, stating that The Taj Mahal could collapse within five years. The Daily Mail, a British tabloid, reported that the Taj Mahal is in danger of collapsing. Following the report, a twin bench of Supreme Court justices D.K. Jain and A.R. Dave issued notices to the Uttar Pradesh State Government, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the Ministry of Environment, ordering probes.

The results of the probes are slated to be examined by the Supreme Court on November 15, 2011. Amid this panic situation, Krupali Krusche and her team completed a research using photogrammetry, 3D scanning, GigaPan Systems and hand-measuring. She claimed that it is absurd to conclude that the Taj Mahal will collapse in next three to five years. Krusche is Indian chairwoman of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, as well as an archeology professor at the University of Notre Dame in the US. She agreed that the water level of the Yamuna River is receding but she disagreed with the conclusion that the memorial might collapse altogether. My conclusion is based on two major stands. First, recent claims of the mausoleum's minarets tilting are untrue.

Architects of the Taj Mahal deliberately instituted the four minarets at an outward angle. In modern architecture, such a technique is called an optical illusion. If the minarets were to tilt slightly more than intended, mammoth cracks would immediately surface on the memorial's base and surrounding walls. Second, the pier-shaped foundation of the Taj Mahal is similar to that of a skyscraper. The foundations of the mausoleum are buried deep in the earth's crust. If its base were to shift or decay, a substantial section of the tomb would sink inside the earth or bear evident signs of erosion.


  1. The Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Reading Shapes

Try reading the following paragraph. If you can read this you have a strong mind…!!!

7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5! 1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5! 1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG 17 WA5 H4RD BU7 N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3 Y0UR M1ND 1S R34D1NG 17 4U70M471C4LLY W17H 0U7 3V3N 7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17, B3 PROUD! 0NLY C3R741N P30PL3 C4N R3AD 7H15.

PL3453 F0RW4RD 7Hi5 L1NK 1F U C4N R34D 7H15 :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Horrible Day vs Wonderful Day

What a horrible way to end a week end!

Late in the evening we found that there are some essential house hold things finished. Me my wife and two of my children, all four of us took got in to my car and went for purchasing it. Have to come to Total Madiwala from electronic city. Got on to the Elevated toll bridge which runs all the way to silk board from electronic city. Nearing Bommanahally on the top of the bridge, left front tire got punctured. Got the triangular shaped reflector from the boot and kept it on the road 25 meters behind the car and switched on the parking light to protect from speeding cars. Checked the spare tire to see there is no air in it.

Called Hyundai helpline and told the problem. Sorry, this is Sunday late evening and we cannot help if there is not air in the spare tire. Called a mechanic just to hear that he is not in town. Called some of my friends, where all of them were away. One of them was in a hospital. No help around. Got a number of a tow vehicle's driver. He came and tow away the car. Had to stop the car in the bridge for an hour every second was horrible because of the fear of possibility of getting some vehicle to come and hit the car. Not easy to sit inside a car which is getting towed with wife and children. Reached Hyundai showroom to park it there. Had to pay 1200 Rupees to the tow service. Hired an auto to home reached home by 9:30 since it was late he took 150 rupees. Could not buy anything. Went to sleep worried.

-- Me


What a wonderful end of a great weekend. J

Late Sunday evening my father took all of us took in his car for a ride. He got on to the Elevated bridge which runs very long. Half the way on the top of the bridge, he stopped the car in the side He got a triangular shaped red light from the boot and kept it on the behind the car He illuminated yellow lights on both the sides of the car. He stayed out of the car while we all watched cars. He then drove his car on top of truck. Then he did not drive but the truck was moving. We had great fun. It was a wonderful feel to sit inside the car while the car is inside a truck and the truck moves. Reached a place where he parked his car and then he took us in an auto to home. It was a long time dream which came true for me to travel in an autorikshaw. Just to have fun we went out and came back. Slept happily.

-- Claire, my three year old child

Friday, 14 October 2011

printf(“Thanks Dennis Ritchie”);

What would your life be like without C or Unix?

The man who made us earn with his technique is no more, the creator of the C programming language and a key developer of the Unix operating system. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 8, 2011) is no more with us.
Thank you, because of you I keep my family well today.
printf("Goodbye World");
May his soul, by God's mercy rest in peace.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Another Loss, Jagjit Singh

There would not be any one in India who would have not enjoyed the gazals of Jagjit Singh. His sound and worlds touches our heart. Not just once, every time we hear it, it gives you the same fresh feel. Jagjit Singh 70, underwent a surgery at Lilavati Hospital in Bandra on Friday after he suffered a brain hemorrhage. Doctors at the hospital performed an emergency surgery on Singh. Popularly known as the 'Ghazal King', Singh gained acclaim together with his wife, singer Chitra Singh. The couple was considered to be pioneers of modern Ghazal singing and regarded as most successful recording artistes outside the realm of Indian film music. Chitra stopped giving public performances after their only son, Vivek, died in a road accident in the early 1990s.


Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho

Kya Gham Hai Jisko Chhupa Rahe Ho

Aankhon Mein Nami, Hansi Labon Par

Kya Haal Hai Kya Dikha Rahe Ho

Ban Jayenge Zehar Peete Peete

Yeh Ashq Jo Piye Ja Rahe Ho

Jin Zakhmon Ko Waqt Bhar Chala Hai

Tum Kyon Unhe Chhedhe Ja Rahe Ho

Rekhaon Ka Khel Hai Muqaddar

Rekhaon Se Maat Kha Rahe Ho



Let his sole rest in peace.

It is indeed sad.

I got this message from Facebook and could not stop sharing it.

A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: 'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together. So the doctor said: 'Ok and what do you want me to do?' She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.' The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.' She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request. Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care 2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms. The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a child! 'I agree', the doctor replied. 'But you seemed to be OK with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.' The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point. He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that's already been born and one that's still in the womb. The crime is the same! If you agree, please SHARE. Together we can help save precious lives! "Love says I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person. Abortion says I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself..

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thank you Steve, We will miss you.

One last salute to one of the greatest person lived in his time. Steve Jobs.


May his soul, by God's mercy rest in peace.

You have done a great contribution to the industry and to the mankind. We all will miss you. You have brought happiness and joy to many people.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Ego and My Smile

Monday morning, most of the things go unexpected. I love admitting it. I was walking to the bus stop and saw that the bus is already moving. I ran to catch it. The driver of the bus saw me, at least I thought so, but did not stop it. I kept on running but he was not stopping it. If I leave this bus I will have to wait for another 30 minutes to get the next one. This thought made me not to stop. I kept on running. I realized that I am getting older and also have got a nice family pack belly. I ran till the next stop and got the bus. Increased blood pressure, the loud heart beat, heavy breath, and the anger to the bus driver who did not stop made shout at the driver. I got in to the bus and shouted "Why did you not stop" Then both of us started to shouting each other. There is no conductor in the bus. It is he himself who need to give tickets also. He asked me Ticket or Pass? I said Ticket and sat down in the first seat. I was still taking heavy breath. He started moving the bus slowly.

I while taking money from my purse thought. The whole day is going to be spoiled with this and looked at him angrily. He had his eyebrows raised and driving talking to himself. "Wait if it is going to spoil my whole day it is going to spoil his day also" I told myself. I went near him and gave money and rubbed his shoulder and told him with a smile," Sorry brother, I couldn't run that long. This made me shout, sorry". He turned to me and gave me ticket and said, "Sorry sir I did not actually saw you, and smiled". Both of us lost all the tension in mind and felt so nice. And when I got down from the bus, he smiled at me and waved his hand to say bye. I felt so nice that I not only took me out of a bad start of the day, but also gave the driver a nice beginning. A tensed driver would also have chance to make road accidents. It could have been a very bad day and anything that I do that day could have been affected with this. But now with a smile I could change the whole world. We all like to smile and to be smiled at. My ego rubbed his ego and was going wrong. My smile could bring smile on his face and also gave me a great day.

“Onam” in a different point of view

Onam is the national festival of the Indian state of Kerala. This is celebrated by the people of all the religion in the state with no difference. This the only celebration which is celebrated for an Asura(Demon) king. All the other celebrations are in favor of the Devas(Gods). In the fifth avatar of Lord Mahavishnu as Vamana, he pushes the Demon King to the Pathala(the underworld). The myth is that Indra, king of gods out of jealousy approached Lord Mahavishnu and seeks his help in destroying the king Mahabali. Lord Mahavishnu took avatar of a Brahmin youth and request for three foot of land. King Mahabali, known for his generousness, immediately grant's the wish and asks the young Brahmin boy to measure and take it himself where ever he wanted. Vamana grows in to huge and covers all that Mahabali has got in two feet. When asked for the third foot of land king Mahabali shows his own head to be stamped on. Vamana pushes him to Pathala, the bottom most land, and grant him a wish that he could visit his people once in every year. Onam is the day he visits Kerala to see his people.

"Varaha Purana" talks about ten avatars of Mahavishnu. Vamana is the fifth avathara of Lord Mahavishnu.

"Matsya: Koormo Varahascha Narasimha: Atha Vamana: Ramo Ramacha Ramascha Krishna: Kalki: iti te dasa"

  1. Malsia (Fish)
  2. Kurma(Tortoise)
  3. Varaha(Pig)
  4. Narasimha (half man half animal)
  5. Vamana
  6. Parasurama
  7. Srirama
  8. Rama
  9. Krishna
  10. Kalki

Each of these avatars are taken to destroy the demon king at that time. According to Holy Bhagavath Gita, Load Krishna says:

"Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.
For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil, and for the establishment of righteousness, I come into being age after age

Gita 4: 7-8

Being in GIS I thought of mapping the avatars in to the map of India and it resulted in a Visible Migration. I felt that it has also got something to do with the Aryans pushing the Dravidians to the south. The middle four avatars found to be much interesting. In each of the avatars the demons are getting pushed to the south and the next generation moves still further. Look at the map of India and the numbers in it. The numbers represent the following explanation. And arrows represents the movement.

  1. Narasimha - Conquered Hiranya Kasapu (Indus, Taxila) Kingdom of Kondakpors
  2. Vamana - Conquered Kingdom of Mahabali (Great grandson of Hiranyakasipu) Ruled all Dravida. Vamana met him at the banks of Narmada (Present Gujarat) and pushes him to Pathala(Present Kerala)
  3. Parasurama - Conquered kingdom of Keralaputras (present Kerala region) and hand over the land to the Brahmins that he brought from the north India.
  4. Rama - Conquered Kingdom of Ravana (Great grandson of Mahabali) at Present Sri Lanka and returned.

The Indian subcontinent is the only place considered. Starting from Kailasa (Heaven) the topmost place to the pathala,(Kerala) the bottem most place and the Lanka which is out of this world. So the Asuras who still are left back in the region of Kerala celebrates the good time they had when they were with the king. This celebration is called Onam. It is a harvest festival in the first month of the Malayalam calendar.


One Coin Please, Hey I am not a begger

While going through one of the comments of my previous post (I am sorry), one incident happened in my life flashed through. This is when I was 10 years old. I was studying in fifth standard. One of my hobbies was collecting coins of different countries. Being a small child the only option was to get it from the foreign tourists or by exchanging coins from others who collect it. Alappuzha, being a tourist place, there were lots of foreigners in the city. Some of them would take Indian rupees and give coin of their country. But some of them would not even talk. This used to happen for a while.

One day, near to my school I saw two foreign ladies. I checked my pocket. I had five rupees in my pocket. I thought that I could give five rupees and get the coin of their country in exchange to add coins to my collection. I did not want to miss the chance I ran to them showed them five rupee note and asked, "Could you give me some coins of your country please". The lady without saying anything frightened me away. I felt so insulted and walked back to school pushing five rupee note back into my pocket. I was very angry with the lady. One of my teachers found me and asked me what happened. I explained to him why she was frightening me. He took me to the staff room, gave me a glass of water and told me "Listen Joe, all white people are not English, many of them do not even understand English". He continued, "There are Finnish, French, Dutch, Russian, Swedish and so many. But people were from all over. " 

What happened was that those ladies who I asked coin for didn't knew English and thought that I was begging for money. I felt ashamed of being frightened away by a lady thinking that I was a beggar. From that day I stopped collecting coins.

As a child I assumed that all white speak English. So never understood why they behave so until this incident happened to me. I felt sorry and realized that I should not judge people by the way they look.

I am sorry

It was a hot Friday morning. Right in front of Electronic city Wipro office, there is one famous tender coconut shop. This is the nearest tender coconut shop to my home and is near to the bus stop from where I get bus to office. I reached there and asked for one and was waiting for my turn. I saw an old lady. She was holding the hand of those who passes near her and pleading. Some gave her money some scolded her and some just walked away. She was wearing a dirty torn dress and would be some were in late eighties.
While I was watching this the tender coconut guy gave me one. I turned to him and got the coconut and started drinking. After taking the first sip, I felt some one holding my hand. To my surprise it was the same lady. She was telling something to me in Kannada in a low voice. I reached my pocket and took a two rupee coin and gave it to her. She refused and told me something again. I asked one of those who were standing next to me to ask her what she wants. He asked her in Kannada. He told me that she is speaking some old Kannada which he is not sure about and told me that she is asking for a coconut. I asked the shopkeeper to make one for her too. He gave me one which I gave it to her. She touched and rejected it. I was in a hurry because my bus would reach there any time. However I got another person and asked him to enquire what she wants. He asked her in Kannada and took her to the side of the road and made her to sit. He came back to me and said, "She is not a beggar, she was just asking to take her to the side of the road so that she can sit down, she is a blind".
It touched my heart. I felt so sad. An old, blind, helpless, lady was pleading to just help her to the side of the road. We did not even do that. I would plea to my nation to please take care of our elders. I would not mind if the government takes flat 30% tax from my income but please make sure that the elders are treated well. They all have contributed enough to bring up our nation to what it is now. Remember all of us are getting old every day. And all those who stop you wearing dirty clothes on the road are not beggars. Listen to them also.
NB: The picture of the lady in this blog is not the real lady I wrote about. I got this picture from internet.

Wear Black Dress on 19th August 2011 to show your support to Anna

To show your support for Anna Hazare and Janlokpal Bill – employees of various organizations have decided to Wear Black Dress on 19th August at work. Let us also wear black dress on 19th August when we come to work. You may also wear a black arm band if you wish. Show your support against Corruption.
This is the least you can do even if you can join the protest because of your office work. Let us make it successful. The Government has put condition to get 25 crore people to support JanLokPal. To give your support call 02261550789 (as given by Kiran Bedi) from your mobile no. Your Call will disconnect after 1 ring and your no registered automatically. You will get an SMS confirming this. Do it along to all your friends. Forward to as many people as you know... Verbally, by mails, by messages.

Supporting Anti-corruption campaign lead by Anna Hazare
Jai Hind.

Claire made it clear to me

A few days before Lohaan, my boy, who is just 3 months now, was crying loud. I heard my wife who was in the kitchen telling Claire, my daughter, to attend. She ran to him and on the way she said that he wants amma to be with him and that is why he is crying. We both thought that she would go to him and just talk. All of a sudden to our surprise he stopped crying. Out of curiosity, we both reached to see what happened. TO our surprise we noticed that Claire was sitting next to him and her thump is in his mouth. Seeing us she again said "He wants amma to be with him". We have been trying to stop Claire sucking her thump. And a few months before while visiting the hospital, I told the doctor that she is still sucking the thump. To which the doctor just asked her not to do so. She did not like me telling this to her doctor and decided not to do so. I did not know she could be so determined. The power of her will was so clear that day night. I saw her holding her thump with the other hand while she was sleeping. From that day she stopped it. But from this incident she brought it to light that why she was doing so. I then remembered that I have read this some were that children suck their thump when they feel lonely and unsecured. Definitely it is not her mistake. It was we parents who should have not let her feel so.


D.V. Sadananda Gowda, the new Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka Governor H.R. Bhardwaj Wednesday appointed the newly elected leader D.V. Sadananda Gowda as the state's chief minister and invited him to form the government.

D. V. Sadananda Gowda (born 18 March 1953)is the current chief minister of Karnataka. He represents the Udupi Chikmagalur constituency in Karnataka.

Mr. Gowda, 58, has been an MLA and MP twice each. Known for his humility and smiling face, there have been no instances of Gowda losing his cool. He is best known for defusing a crisis without facing pressure. The Vokkaliga leader has a law degree and was a sportsman in college. The affable Gowda lists chatting with family and friends among his interests. Through Mirage I wish him all success and wish he could bring the state still higher.

Note: This post is intended only to wish the new chief minister success. Please do not post any political comments. Please consider this as a request before posting any comments.

You have no right to make me suffer because of your ignorance

A few days before me and some of my friends went to the cricket ground in front of Logica Bangalore. This ground is maintained by some local people in Yemlur. They have spend around 100'000 rupees to make this ground to this shape. And also have got some aid from JDA for the maintenance. I met a guy there who had employed some of the guys to cut the grass and clean the ground. When he saw that we are from Logica, he said to me. "Last time your guys played in this ground and have spoiled it. They have thrown lots of plastic bottles and snacks wrappers all around the ground. We had to keep people to clean this ground again.". I had no face to show. We are the same who cleaned the coastal area in Chennai. We are the same who raise for clean city. But do we really mean it from inside. Or are we doing it to get publicity? Do we really care?
There are so many uneducated people from the village who play in this ground, who keep it clean. There are also so many children who play and still keeps the ground clean. Now we the so called educated people with a better social living, throw all plastic waste in the area. I feel ashamed to be called as one of this society. Do we not have to think on why we are behaving like this. We people are not caring but only saying about the social responsibility. To be a better social being it is not important to have a higher education, a job with better salary, or nice cloths. It is important to have a feeling of social responsibility. We all curse the Belendur Lake which is the biggest lake in Bangalore. We all close our nose when we cross the bridge crossing the lake's out flow. We all call those people stupid who are seen cutting grass for their cow from the lake. But have you ever though who is the reason for the lake to be so. It is we the people of the higher society who makes it dirty. And it is those people who suffer from it.
We are all happy to live in a place with high standard of living and a good infrastructure. But when it comes to keeping it clean. We never care. We all want to play in the ground but we would not take the smallest responsibility of not making it dirty. Forget about cleaning, Let us at least not make it dirty. We all want a clean city but would not stop throwing on the road. You have no right to make me suffer because of your ignorance.

150 Rupee Coin Launched By Reserve Bank Of India


India celebrating the Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary. On this celebration Reserve Bank of India launched the 150 Rupee coin in the memory of Nobel Winner Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Newly launched 150 Rupee coin is about 40 mm in diameter and It's weighs is about 35 grams. The coin of 150 Rupee contain Rabindranath Tagore image on one side and on another side it will contain the image of Ashok Stambha. Both Side of Indian 150 Rupee Coin

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


One of the most humorous sites. You search for anything and start laughing. Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. You might say it puts the "psych!" in "encyclopedia". They do have a sense of humor. The content-free encyclopedia is a satirical website that parodies Wikipedia. Founded in 2005 Various styles of humour are used as a vehicle for parody, from sophisticated satire to crude sarcasm to the apparently random. Like Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia has guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable content and these guidelines have become progressively stricter as the site expands over time. Its logo, a hollow potato named Sophia after the Gnostic deity, serves as a parody of Wikipedia's globe logo.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mental changes along with age

I could see a change in my life. It was the courage which used to increase each year. Every next year you get a percentage of courage in your daily life. The belief that you have got towards your body increases each year. The strength increases and the speed and the so do the daringness. You are not afraid to go out to a forest for hunting. You are not afraid to explore the rocks, you are not at all bothered about the nights. Nothing makes you think about the consciences. You get bold in climbing trees, climbing rocks, fighting, speeding in the bike and so on. But then this growth is not something which is a constantly continues one. This has got a parabolic shape. Now when I am married and have a kid. Along with the age the body is also getting heavy. I do not feel climbing on a tree to pluck the fruit but will think of finding a long stick with which I could pull it. Is this the age, or the feeling of being dependent that is stopping you from going adventures? With the age now I feel that there is a percentage of fear which increases. I still remember me travelling all alone to Darjeeling and from there to Nepal to learn mountaineering. I was also courageous enough to fight with the Nepali people there. Now when I got married I reduced the speed of my Bullet to 80 from 100. When I got my first child it again reduced to 60. When my wife is conceived our second child, expected in may, I sold my Bullet. I am also avoiding the problems and situations that could create problems. I was a very angry person. But the anger is also getting reduced.

Wathis iis?

From the time I reach home till the time I leave to office in the morning.

I could expect a sound “wathis iis?” any number of time any time. This is my two and a half year daughter Claire. She would point her finger to any thing she finds in the house and ask Wathis iis? (What is this?). Sometimes she points her finger on the same picture of an apple and ask Wathis iis? For ten times. And she would expect us to answer the same for all the ten times. There are things that I have started noticing or even seeing because of this. For her small eyes everything that she see is interesting and would want to know what it is.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cricket Update

Tournament Stats(Boundary Meter)

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wathis iis?

From the time I reach home till the time I leave to office in the morning. I could expect a sound “wathis iis?” any number of time any time. This is my two and a half year daughter Claire. She would point her finger to any thing she finds in the house and ask Wathis iis? (What is this?). Sometimes she points her finger on the same picture of an apple and ask Wathis iis? For ten times. And she would expect us to answer the same for all the ten times. There are things that I have started noticing or even seeing because of this. For her small eyes everything that she see is interesting and would want to know what it is.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Dost Post, has become a reality.

After a long wait and fight, Companies haves given importance to the Employee referral program. Thanks to all the people who have been asking for it, in the private and public meetings. And thanks to the management for acting on it and giving this opportunity. It is one of the employee benefits, where employees has got the right to refer and bring in their own people in to the company. It is also the responsibility to we people to make sure that we bring in the right candidate for the interview. The opportunity that we have now needs to
 be utilized properly that the culture of getting employees from vendors and the culture of making us just statues in the field should be totally eliminated. This is one such opportunity that we needs to prove that we could bring right candidates through referral programs. If we remember we have been asking this question on why employee referral programs are not working in many forums. This would certainly help Company in many ways. It would bring in a culture within the organization where employees feels happy to work with the people they know well. It also brings the opportunity to our employees to bring in their family members, which would in return gives a great satisfaction and would reduce attrition. Employees also benefits with the employee referral bonus, which was going to some external employee suppliers. And we were forced to work with people who we do not know. This program should be a great success and hence we get opportunity to work with our close ones. It is not just the we people the company also is benefited if the program becomes successful. First of all we get people with good quality who we would not have to do background verification because it’s been referred by one of our employee itself. Company reduce the cost of finding a person and also reduces the risk of depending on a third party vendor, who is just interested in the count and not the quality. Attrition rate goes down because of the satisfaction and the close bounding between the people within the organization.

It is not our right to refer our friends to our company, which we should be enjoying when the opportunity is given to us. It is also a prestigious feeling that we also have a role to play in the recruitment process of the company that we work . I think we should all support this initiative that the management has taken now to make sure that the management continue this initiative throughout.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Where are the spoons?

If you get a spoon and a place in the cafeteria WOW! you are one lucky person that day. Where are the spoons? It is a usual seen in the cafeteria where you see a group of people around a pillar waiting for spoons. Survival of the fittest, is the rule here. If you are good in fighting in a crowd then yes, you are the one who could get spoon. And if you are not fit enough to fight in the crowd, you may have to wait for the next turn. Most of the time you will have to wait for the spoons or for a table or for a chair to have lunch. And all these time you wait for the spoon your project pays for it. So do not worry it’s not your personal time that you are wasting. You are paid to waste time. This is a fact. But then are you paid to wait for the spoon? Why is that we are not noticing this great waste of time which happens most of the day. The money spend waiting for a spoon or a table you could buy many spoons. It is heard that there are spoons purchased every now and then, But now it’s time to investigate where it is going. Is it been taken home with the lunchboxes unknowingly? If that is the case it is also brought back. I do not think there would be any employee who would wish to keep a canteen spoon at home. Is it thrown along with the waste? Then there should be a magnet kept to filter before it goes to the waste bin. The fun part is In the last Feast Syntillations have conducted 237 spoons of the vendor is missing. This is a pure mismanagement. I think the spoons are going with the waste.
Whatever is the case if investigation is done or not, it is really important to make sure that there are enough spoons, chairs and tables in the cafeteria so that time is not wasted. We have some 500 chairs in the cafeteria. So we should have at least 1500 spoons half always goes for washing. Most of the people would want more than one to share their dishes with their friends.
If nothing is working, I would advice each employee to bring one spoon each from home. Also a mat to sit and have.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

GBS Bindra, a spark to our organisation

It’s been more than five years I have been working in this company. Most of the people who joined with me left the company. When one of my old friends asks me why I am not moving out of Logica I said “Where else would I get a chance to sit diagonally opposite to the Global Innovation Director of the company?” Even if it was a joke, I personally feel that the guys working in PE would definitely have a private pride of working for GBS. There would be thousand of things that anyone would have to say about him on his achievements, I am writing on the different face of the person which most of us would have noticed. There are many people who joined Telecoms for the reason that they needs to work with GBS. One of my coleague once told me that she and her friends did not even knew that there is a company called Logica, but after hearing the speech of GBS, they all decided to join Loiga. Well I do not know the authenticity of what it is been told but yes, He is a good speaker too. His speaches are very inspirational and also informative. When I joined, I have got many chance to hear him talking, one thing I noticed is that he speaks like an Australian in the morning and towards the noon he starts speaking like a British. Late in the evening he speaks like an American. His accent is different each time you see him talking. Later I myself concluded that the reason would be that he would have been in meetings with the people of these respective region of the world. Not sure though. For the people who work for him he acts as a WALL, like any ball that comes to the wicket Rahul Dravid defend its. And how ever fast the ball comes it turns to a zero speed with his touch. Having said about cricket. He is known to be a person who is always updated. On anything that you talk to him he seems to have a still new information on it. While having a coffee with Asit Mishra, last day, I heard him wondering about the same thing. You walk from your desk to his, watching Tendulkar hitting a six to century, and tell him that Tendulkar has done with his next one day century. And he would say, “Yes, but then he is also out”. He is so updated on anything that you talk to him and you wonder how. He is one such person I have noticed who should need more time a day. We would never see him wasting time on anything. Even while he walk, you would see him checking the mails in his blackberry. No wonder he became the Global Director of Innovation at Logica, where he is responsible for driving company’s innovations and works closely with the executive committee to align these initiatives with Logica’s strategic goals.  I have read some were that prior joining Logica he was brought in to lead R&D in India at Ariba after the dotcom downturn, which leverage innovation to fuel growth. Puncom become official IT service provider to create and manage an IT and communications system for the ICC World Cup of Cricket in 1996 in most of the areas of the Indian subcontinent, under his leadrship. The name GBS Bindra itself is an innovative spark to our organisation. To me, yes,  he is one of the inspiration in the current world.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Bangalore, Ever thought, what happens to the water that you spit in the wash basin at your home? Any idea?

Atleast some of you might know that most of the water flows to Belledur lake, but from there? .. It receives water/sewage from Ulsoor Lake, Chellaghatta Valley, Hulimavu, Doddbegur drain, Madivaala Lake, Tavarrrakere, Bellandur Lake. That becomes most of the water waste in Bangalore. It’s not a short story. It’s a long one. It travels around 350 kilometers and reaches the Bay of bangal :)  Interesting??
It’s not a joke, see the picture.
It crosses Tamil Nadu border after flowing 40 KM. and another three kilometers to Avalappali Dam.
After flowing for 110 KM it reaches the , KRP(Krishnagiri Reservoir Project) Dam, the main Water resource for Kaverippatinam and around 100 villages. It continues to flow to Sathanur Dam/reservoir while it has already flow 220 KM. This magnificent Sathanur dam was built in the year 1958. It is located near the Chennakeshava hills in Chengam. A large area of agriculture lands are benefited through water stored in this dam. From there it continues to flow to flow to bay of bangal and reaches it after flowing for 350 KM in between Cuddalore and Pondichery along with the Pennaiyar river that originates at the Chennakesava hills.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Why false promise? Where is the shadow show?

The mail from syntillations about the Pongal celebrations also announced that there would be a shadow show, which did not happen. Why? How many of you found this, it’s that we do not bother as we are in a society where we hear lots of promise which we know will not come true. Still we cheer when someone makes a promise. How many of you questioned this? Well if someone wanted to know then. Yes, the Anandapadmanaban and his son Tejaswi was here. Most of you might have seen Tejaswi, he was once introduced to all of us last year immediately after he got recognized as the youngest juggler in Karnataka. I have visited his home. The bright student in his school, back from his school learned magic from one of the book he got. Looking at his interest and skill, Anandapadmanaban, an employee of Biocon, started buying him more books and videos on magic. While we appreciate movies like Three Idiots and Tare jameen par, and we preach about bringing up children with the real interest they have, back home we ignore to practice it. “Well my son, I know, he wanted to be a doctor, is that not by boy?” In the middle of the people like us Anandapadmanaban practice this in his real life. When asked about his boy’s studies and his daily activities, Anandapadmanaban said,” He had never given me a chance to worry about his studies, I do not want to bring the culture of comparing him with his friends, I do not do that, eventhough he is one of the best in the class. Only thing I do is that I make sure that he is not de-motivated. He like to show his talent to people and he gets great satisfaction, So I take him to any possible stages where I could take him. I take leave in my office. I think my boys interest is more important for me”. Now the boy is interested in shadowgraphs and is doing his own experiments.
This father and son were not allowed inside by our security. They said that the boy is just 14 years old and it is a violation and child labor is not allowed. Is that the security guard did not had the differentiating capability between an artist and a labor. If that is the case then how could we have Sachin in cricket, Kamalahasan in theater, They were all child labors when they started performing. We proudly say about Lata Mangeshkar that on the first day in the school, she started teaching songs to other children. When the teacher stopped her, she was so angry that she stopped going to the school, where she sang her first song when she was 13 year old.
The boy and his father kept waiting in the reception for an hour and returned sadly without performing. The right of a boy to perform was questioned when National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) itself allows child artists to perform for certain duration of time. Even in the United States, federal law "Specifically exempted minors working the Entertainment Business from all provisions of the Child Labor Laws." Any regulation of child actors is governed by disparate state law.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Loving letters to Claire

Few days from, my child Claire was born, I send a mail to my friends about the happy news. To make a difference I wrote the mail as if she herself was writing to them. Hello Uncle /Aunty

But I wondered when I go t reply from some of them. Some of them responded to her itself. This was a wonderful feeling. I would keep all those letters safe as these are the first letters which was written ever for her.
This is what I wrote

I’m sending you one of the pictures that my father has taken soon after my birth.
Both me and my mother are doing fine. I’m a nice girl, I cry only when I’m hungry. So please bless me
Please do remember my birthday to send me birthday wishes every year. I was born on 22nd Nov 2008. (22-11-08), It’s a nice number to remember isn’t it?

With love

To which she got replays like this

From: Nayak, ChittaRanjan
Surly My Cuteeeeee

From: Pratik Roy
Hello Claire,
Of course baby... We'll surely remember u n ur birthday sweetheart...
N tell ur father that Pratik uncle has told that u'll be a genius.. cos he learned to send mail only after clearing his degree... but u.. hats off :)...
By the way... u r looking veryyyyyy pretty ... Hope to meet u soon...
N tell ur papa and mumma to take care of u... and not to scare u with his powerful voice :)..
and throw us a grand party soon...
cheers ( U can use a glass of milk for that)
Pratik Uncle :)

From: Gurav, Chidanand
Belated happy birthday to the angel!!!
By seeing at you, feels like you are the precious child on the earth….
All the best complements and lots of love to you….
With Loads of love
Chidanand & Tejashri

From: Sujit Banerjee
Hi Claire,
Nice meeting you...........welcome to the earth............
You got nicest parents..that u'll understand gradually....
Wish you all the very best to you and to your parents.........
Say your papa and mom...CONGRATS...once again...
Will remember your birthday and send wishes every year............
Be happy always like your papa..............
With Love,
Sujit Uncle

From: Balakrishnan, Tharangini
To my dearest Claire,
U r luking very pretty, May the lord shower his blessings upon u…convey my regards to mom too 
Ur bday wud b definitely remembered by me, as mine is on 24th,Nov …every year wishes wud definitely flow to u

From: Roy, Rinky
Surely baby....please aunty mat kaho na ;)

From: Shivappayyanamath, Sujatha
God bless you.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Do we need a better security checking, or dont

Security checking is one of our responsibility, because it not only helps the organization but also you as an individual it is important for us. But is it done in the right way? I do not know if it is a requirement from some standards that we are supposed to follow, which insist us to follow all these security checking before we enter into the company premises. I have noticed that some of the employees shows their faces to the security guards who asks them to open the boot of the car for the security checking, or the employees who are asked to give the bag for security checking. It is sad, they are only doing their job. They are hired to do this as you are hired to do your job could be coding or testing, managing or what so ever it is. How would a test engineer feel if the developer shows his face to him when he reports a bugs? Lol.. interesting, isn’t it? Think what goes those security guards, when they end up doing a day’s job. “I do not know how his manager manages him, or how would he be at his home”, I overheard one of the security staff saying this on the back of one of our employees who shouted at the guard when asked to park the vehicle in another place as the place he parked is on the way.

Having said that, I gave a thought on why people react this way? Why do they feel offended while security offers a security check. I found one interesting fact about it. Most of the checking are done as part of the Job and people feel that whatever is done is not helping. Once you reach office in a car you happily stops the car letting the security checking the bottom of the car. This makes sense to most of us. What if someone keeps something (a bomb) under the car and makes us a carrier to office. “Good please check, I do not want me to be one, and also would not want someone to destroy at least my car in the whole process”. But the next step would certainly take people a little back. The security guard asks to open the boot of the car so that he could check it. We pull the liver. He opens it wide and closes it. I wonder what was he looking for. He would ignore if there is a box in it. If some things needs to be there, it’s only me who could keep it as it’s a locked one. So do they doubt you? And they do not have a problem if you bring the thing in a suitcase. And even if some employee wants to bring it in. Knowing that They would check the boot he would keep it in the front seat or in the dash or at least keep it in the bag. They would not mind if you keep something which is as big as a trunk box. If the car is a hunch back one, then they would ask you to open the rear door and peep in behind the rear seat. This would certainly make you feel that there is no meaning for what is done there, at least the way it is done is not effective. If someone wants to bring something can he not use the space near the engine in the front of the car? Why only the boot? Now as the first step is over, you go ahead and reach the securities in blue near the swipe in points.

He would ask you to handover the bag. He would open the fly and peep in to it. Just for the reason of doing it. But what was he looking for. And while he do so, you see a board which makes you understand what are the things security guards are looking for. There was a picture of a hand grenade too quite a while ago. Now are these people trained enough to detect things. Explosives can now be molded in to any shape. what if someone makes a cap shaped explosive and walk in? Or are they expecting five 15 inch roads with a clock attached to it with blue, red and yellow wires springs running all around and all the rods are taped together with an insulation tape? (The usual cinema one) . If a person has got to bring in any of these things then why not he plan better? Why not he stop the fruit vendor and bring it in with one of the baskets which goes directly to the cafeteria?

Now why are all the pouches of the bag not checked? Now if I am a person who wanted to bring in one of the things displayed on the screen, knowing that I will be checked, will certainly not keep it in the main pouch but on one of the side pockets. Or what would stop me bringing it in my Lunch box? Or what if I bring it in one of the pockets of my Jacket. Not at all bothered. Only thing the security is bothered is that the fly of the main box has to be opened and peeped in and closed. All the mobile phones has got a camera now the latest ones have got a pretty decent zoom and focus. But a still camera is not allowed in? Where the mobiles can also record video.

These are one of the things which is making people think that the system is not effective enough to handle what is required. And is one of the reason why people are not appreciating it. If we are doing only to satisfy the process,… else we need to have a better way of doing this or needs to have a correction in the current process.