Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Baba Balia, a spiritual leader form orissa.

I personally do not believe in any religion or any of the gods that any religion shows me. But I believe in god, and I also have a strong believe that I am one of those who are the true believers of god. I am not in one of those who believe that god requires money, time, flowers, or loud prayers through a speaker. Having said that I also respect all the relegions and all the believes that people have.
A few days ago I went for a housewarming function were I was introduced to a Baba he is "Pujya Pujaka Baba Baliaji Maharaj" (Tirtol Orissa, Jagannath Dham) is a socio-religious reformer, who spread out the marvelous essence of spiritual power, divinity, abstract devotion, unfathomable wisdom, universal love, sympathy & compassion into the hearts of billions across and Orissa and other remote corners of our country.
My friend Chitharanjan Naik is a devotee of him and brought him from Orissa to Bangalore for his house warmig function. It was nice to know about him. he met people who came for the function and blessed them. I took some of his pictures. Then I thought of reading more about him. It is not unusual in India. India always had lot of spiritual leaders. Some stay local to the society, but some of them are famous across the state sometimes across the nation. There are also spiritual leaders from India who are recognised accross the globe.
The ideology, teachings & messages of SRIMAD BABA BALIA are much appropriate at the present time. He has highest regard, recognition & adoration for all religions, incarnations, great mentors & saints. His mission of life is to work for the harmony among all religions by practicing the ideals of SRIMAD BHAGABAT GEETA.
Srimad Baba’s contribution and dedication to enrich the spiritual and moral values of human being is beyond measure. Srimad Baba’s spiritual discourses in very clear, sweet, meaningful words have brought a revolution in the field of religion. The various theories, principles and methods described in complicated manner in the great epics and religious books like Srimad Bhagabat Geeta, the Ramayan, the Mahabharat, the Veda, Upanishad are explained by Srimad Baba to the common audiences in very logical, intelligible and comprehensive terms for practical application in their day to day life.
In all his spiritual discourses Baba appeals to the audience to make the best of their efforts to promote true love, affection, confidence, compassion, regards and respect among the family members to take up the noble familial, tradition and to strengthen the unbreakable familial bondage which will ultimately turn the family into a ‘BAIKUNTHA’ the abode of the Great Bishnu or in other words the abode of heavenly peace and happiness. Baba points out that a family being the primary unit of a nation, meets with such a pitiable fate that the foundation of the whole nation will be weak and shaky, loosing its solidarity, unity and integrity and at last will grope in the darkness of despair, diffidence, destitution, violence militancy and cold war. When these will spread over the whole world, human race, the best of the creation will be awfully and mercilessly deprived of its stable existence.

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