Monday, 17 January 2011

Do we need a better security checking, or dont

Security checking is one of our responsibility, because it not only helps the organization but also you as an individual it is important for us. But is it done in the right way? I do not know if it is a requirement from some standards that we are supposed to follow, which insist us to follow all these security checking before we enter into the company premises. I have noticed that some of the employees shows their faces to the security guards who asks them to open the boot of the car for the security checking, or the employees who are asked to give the bag for security checking. It is sad, they are only doing their job. They are hired to do this as you are hired to do your job could be coding or testing, managing or what so ever it is. How would a test engineer feel if the developer shows his face to him when he reports a bugs? Lol.. interesting, isn’t it? Think what goes those security guards, when they end up doing a day’s job. “I do not know how his manager manages him, or how would he be at his home”, I overheard one of the security staff saying this on the back of one of our employees who shouted at the guard when asked to park the vehicle in another place as the place he parked is on the way.

Having said that, I gave a thought on why people react this way? Why do they feel offended while security offers a security check. I found one interesting fact about it. Most of the checking are done as part of the Job and people feel that whatever is done is not helping. Once you reach office in a car you happily stops the car letting the security checking the bottom of the car. This makes sense to most of us. What if someone keeps something (a bomb) under the car and makes us a carrier to office. “Good please check, I do not want me to be one, and also would not want someone to destroy at least my car in the whole process”. But the next step would certainly take people a little back. The security guard asks to open the boot of the car so that he could check it. We pull the liver. He opens it wide and closes it. I wonder what was he looking for. He would ignore if there is a box in it. If some things needs to be there, it’s only me who could keep it as it’s a locked one. So do they doubt you? And they do not have a problem if you bring the thing in a suitcase. And even if some employee wants to bring it in. Knowing that They would check the boot he would keep it in the front seat or in the dash or at least keep it in the bag. They would not mind if you keep something which is as big as a trunk box. If the car is a hunch back one, then they would ask you to open the rear door and peep in behind the rear seat. This would certainly make you feel that there is no meaning for what is done there, at least the way it is done is not effective. If someone wants to bring something can he not use the space near the engine in the front of the car? Why only the boot? Now as the first step is over, you go ahead and reach the securities in blue near the swipe in points.

He would ask you to handover the bag. He would open the fly and peep in to it. Just for the reason of doing it. But what was he looking for. And while he do so, you see a board which makes you understand what are the things security guards are looking for. There was a picture of a hand grenade too quite a while ago. Now are these people trained enough to detect things. Explosives can now be molded in to any shape. what if someone makes a cap shaped explosive and walk in? Or are they expecting five 15 inch roads with a clock attached to it with blue, red and yellow wires springs running all around and all the rods are taped together with an insulation tape? (The usual cinema one) . If a person has got to bring in any of these things then why not he plan better? Why not he stop the fruit vendor and bring it in with one of the baskets which goes directly to the cafeteria?

Now why are all the pouches of the bag not checked? Now if I am a person who wanted to bring in one of the things displayed on the screen, knowing that I will be checked, will certainly not keep it in the main pouch but on one of the side pockets. Or what would stop me bringing it in my Lunch box? Or what if I bring it in one of the pockets of my Jacket. Not at all bothered. Only thing the security is bothered is that the fly of the main box has to be opened and peeped in and closed. All the mobile phones has got a camera now the latest ones have got a pretty decent zoom and focus. But a still camera is not allowed in? Where the mobiles can also record video.

These are one of the things which is making people think that the system is not effective enough to handle what is required. And is one of the reason why people are not appreciating it. If we are doing only to satisfy the process,… else we need to have a better way of doing this or needs to have a correction in the current process.


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