Sunday, 31 January 2010

A spider through my camera's eyes.

Next to the appartment I stay there is an area with lots of trees. there are some huge spiders in this area.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Republic day celebration in Logica

Once the new Syntillation team has taken over Syntillation, there are lot's of new things happening. Republic day celebration is one of it. There were only the securities at the time of hoisting the flag in Logica.

This time it was with lots of people and there family in there.

The longest serving employee hoisted the flag. National anthem was sung with a national salute.

Friday, 22 January 2010

A new look experiment

For the last two months I was experimenting on a new look.

Well I changed it back.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

An accident of a neighbor I witnessed, but couldn't recognize

This incident happened in 2002. I was coming home from Dindigul. It was the first time I was coming back home after joining RVS Engineering College. I think it was a Friday evening. There were many of my classmates and seniors with me. We were all going home for the Onam vacation. From Palakkad we took a superfast bus which was going to Triruvanandapuram. It would have traveled for around 30 minuets. Suddenly bus stopped. It was near to midnight.
I saw another bus on the other side of the road around 20 feet away from my bus. I was not able to see the road properly, but from the expression of the people standing in front of me made me to pop out of the Bus. I could see a car in the light of both the busses.

It was an accident, by this time many people got out of the bus. I got up and ran out of the bus to the car. It was a KL 02 registration Maruthi Esteem of cherry colour. It was hit by the bus which was coming from the other side, which was a tourist bus. Suddenly light from the other bus was switched off. I turned to that side to see the driver is missing.

No one was approaching the car. I went near the driver. It was a direct hit. The front glass was totally broken. When I looked at the driver, what I saw was horrible. A person little dark completion, with a black rope around his wrist, fallen on the steering wheel. His head was open and brain was visible. I couldn’t take that vision so turned away.

I heard a small sound from the car. It sound to me as a sound made out of pain by some one who could not open mouth. I got back to consciousness hearing the sound. I tried to open the rear door. It was locked. I tried to break the glass by stamping on the glass of the door behind the driver. But it was too strong. I tried three times. Suddenly the rear door on the other side was opened from inside. A person in his fifties got out of the car. I believe the stamps I made on the car would have woken him up to consciousness. I rushed to the other side of the car. By the time I reached, few people who were on that side carried a lady in a greenish blue saree out of the car. She was unconscious. She was a thin lady. I reached inside the car to get the next person out of the car. It was a boy aged around in 24 was also in the rear seat. He too was unconscious. I and Riyas, one of seniors, carried him out of the car. By this time there was an ambulance. It was an Omni van. It had one long table and a long chair. We carried the boy on a structure and placed him on the table. I am not sure if the boy was alive. I rushed to the car. There was one more person next to the driver in the front seat. People were trying to open the door. The door was jammed and was not getting open. I entered the car from behind and adjusted the seat by pulling it behind.

It was a boy around  sixteen years, wearing a shorts and a t-shirt. I and Riyas pulled him out he was very heavy. I shouted at Riyas to hold him strong. We reached the ambulance. The man who came out of the car was standing near the ambulance, He seemd to be the father of the boys and the lady there mother. . He seems to be blank. We carried the boy to ambulance. The lady was by now layed on the long seat of the ambulance. It was a foldable one. We layed the boy on the road. I asked someone there to take her off the seat. Once they took her out, I folded the seat and asked them to place her on the floor, and they did so. I unfolded the seat again so that she was safe in the space under the seat. I along with Riyas and Nidhu tried to lay the sixteen years boy who was not on the road on the seat of the ambulance. But we failed.

We placed her back on the road. I approached the driver. The man sat near the driver of the ambulane. I told the driver to go fast and come back so that you can take the other boy too. Ambulance rushed to some hospital. I turned back to the boy, he was lying there. By this time some one brought a big can of water. I suspect it was from the tourist bus. The seal of the can was not broken. I saw some one opening it. I kept the boys head in my lap. I got some water and poured it in to his mouth. I am not sure if he was alive. I checked his pulse. Out of all the emotions that were controlling me at that time I was not sure if it was my pulse or his I was getting. I asked Nidhu Jorim , my classmate, to check the pulse. He checked and said that there is no pulse.

By that time there were lot of local people. We got back to the bus we came in. I was wearing a pink cotton shit. It was full of blood. I changed my shirt inside the bus itself. We continued the journey and I reached home. I told about the incident and went to sleep. Next day morning I was woken up by my mother. She was holding a news paper. She said that the people in the incident I was talking yesterday was the manager of Jos Studio, a photo studio in Alappuzha, and both the children were dead, and the mother is in hospital.

Next day the burial happened but I did not go for it.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Morality of the new Bangalore.

I'm not talking about the IT crowd. There are thousands of people who make there living only because of the IT crowd in Bangalore. Some are those who work for them, some are indirect dependants, some are parricides.
Now today I came across one more category. these are the people who have no moral values. they would do any thing for money. Once I continue you tell me if I'm wrong about them.

One of my collogue, Subudu ,a wonderful person with a good heart, while coming to office yesterday, saw a lady jumping out of the bus on to the road, as the bus was not stopping for her. Or may be because the bus only stops on the bus stops and as it was not a bus stop, but since the speed was very low because of the traffic, and since the next bus stop would be far for her, she jumped out ot the bus.

Many people passed by but no one helped her. Subudu felt pity on the girl, stopped his bike and told her not to cry. He helped her to get up from the road and took her to her office in his bike. She is a security guard in Central Mall near Jayanagar. Once reaching there her collogues requested him to take her to the nearby hospital.

He though was getting late to office, accepted and took her to manipal hospital. Understanding that the lady is from a poor background, Subudu thought of helping her by paying her hospital charges. A lady doctor in the hospital how treated her told that there is nothing to worry . She asked the girl about what happened, to which she told that she jumped out of a bus and fell down. This man helped me to hospital.

He paid rupees 1500 in the hospital, for the consultation and the X-ray charges. They were about to leave the hospital, around 20 people from the Central security came and started fighting with Subudu. They said that the accident was because of him and he need to pay compensation. Mean time they were also talking to the girl. He then told them to ask the girl.

To the surprise of Subudu and doctor she told that it was this man who came in around 100 km per hour speed and hit him. to which doctor said that but you just told me that he was helping.

All the people then started to shout at the doctor.
They lead him to Central mall basement and started harassing him and told him that he need to take care of the girl and his family for the next one month. and need to pay some huge money too.
Mean time two police men came there and they too joined them and started harassing him.
Some how he managed to come out of it giving his phone number,
This is Bangalore now.

Do you want to help some one in Bangalore now?