Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Long serving award

It was a Saturday. We got up from the bed a little late as it’s a holiday. I was in the couch with my child and my wife got me a cup of tea. The calling bell rang, and my wife attended the door. We thought that it would be our servant maid. To our surprise. There is a delivery boy holding bouquet of fresh flowers. He asked are you Ahilaa. When she said yes, He said, Madam this is from Wipro, as you have completed five years today in Wipro. He congratulated her and gave the bouquet to her. We felt very happy and she felt very important. It was a pleasant surprise.

Next Monday she send ma a mail which was send to her from HR department, congratulating her for completing five years. The letter also offered her a complimentary holiday package along with the family. In the evening of the same day she returned from office with a gift packet. She said it is given to her at office by her manager for the successful completion of five years. It had a leather pen stand a leather card holder and a leather photo frame. On all of it is embedded “Welcome to Club 5 , Wipro”.

Tuesday she got a mail asking for a new photograph, once she send it to them she got a mail asking her to collect her new ID card from the security. When she went to collect it, she was again greeted by the securities for he 5 year completion. They gave her the new ID card and a red color tag. While joining Wipro everyone gets a blue tag, after 5 years they get red tag and after 10 they get green tag.

It’s a great feeling to be recognized for the loyalty of the person who stays in the company for long. These are not expensive but for the employee and there family it’s a great feeling.

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