Sunday, 8 December 2013

Thanks to Homeopathy, and Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal, my boy, Lohaan, got an award for highest attendance in Class

It was the annual day function at Electronics City Kidzee and Juzzkids school, where both our children are studying. Once all the programs where over, They started giving awards. It was a surprise to us when we heard our 2 year 8 months old boy, Lohaan’s name announced for an award. And the award was for having maximum attendance in the class. Now I am not sure if we are doing justice to him sending him to school all the day. But this made me think for a while.  Most of the children of this age are not able to attend the classes. And this was the case of his sister also. We had to take lots of leaves when Claire was of his age, because of the cough and cold. It is usual in Bangalore that kids get fever, cough and cold when the climate changes. And also because of the pollen in the air. Our kids where no different.
Each time you go to a doctor first thing he would start with an antibiotic. And after some time the dosage is increased for proper effect. Children where getting week over a period of time and we were getting worried. It is also not a good mood that you would get in office when your boss see you taking leaves often for some or the other reason. Claire had some problem in her eyes for which we had to spend a weeks time in a hospital. Pediatric surgeon had a doubt that it was some complex problem. She was given antibiotic over iv for all 8 days. It was the time when my wife, Ahilaa, was expecting our second child in another 8 days. We had no choice but to leave the hospital. We then met more than 60 doctors in Bangalore for this. One would investigate and give reference of another doctor. Then it went for six months. I would not blame any of those doctors, but am thankful to each one of them as they were all trying to help us.  By now we had also started all the same antibiotics for Lohaan who was now 6 months old. For him, there was a problem that his temperature increases and he had twice lost his consciousness.
This is when the magic happened. We got introduced to Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal Homeopathic doctor in Jayanagar. Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal is a unique practitioner of Homeopathy in Bangalore - India, he has Allopathic qualification MBBS from MAHE and Homeopathic MF(HOM) from The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, London. He provides fully personalized modern Homeopathic treatment on the principles of classical Homoeopathy.
He has got a website : . This will help you know more about him.
From then for the last two years we have been taking his medicines for both our children. With God’s grace and Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal Homeopathic medicine we never had to take antibiotics for both our children from then. It is only those sweet medicines that we need to take. The only thing is that when you are taking homeopathic medicines, there are some rules that we need to follow. If we could follow it then the medicine would do its best. Rules are not so difficult. We need to take medicines as per the prescription. For half an hour, should not eat anything before or after taking medicines, should not take medicines immediately after brushing your teeth. And should have a clean mouth at the time of taking medicines. That is all. 
He found out that Claire needs Sodium supplement, and Lohaan he gave a magical medicine HKP. AB etc.  I do not know what all those are. But now we survive with those. Now we know that if there is a chance for fever, AB. If there is cough and cold, HKP.  And for each person the medicine is different according to the body type of the person. So there would be a half an hour consultation which is required to know what kind of person you are and body type you have. 
Now our children can play in rain and go to school next day. In the above picture you can see Claire and Lohaan with other children playing in rain as they have Dr Deepak’s medicine kept inside their home.
I thank him for helping us. Knowing about my children, many of my friends who went there told me later that they were all happy that they met him. They were also thankful to me for introducing him. It is not just them some of our relatives also started his consultation which includes my father in law who could completely remove the usage of his asthma medicine puffs.

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is Vladimir Putin The Richest Politician? Russia?

 A recent study came up and said that Vladimir Putin is the richest politician in the world. It is said that "Putin's personal fortune" on Google, and you'll find estimates of between $40 billion and $70 billion. He is not just rich, He is one of the healthiest politicians too. Do not mess with him.

It could be also possible that he has shown all his wealth. There are many politicians around us who we have heard having so much money either in their names or they have someone else who keeps their money.
We only notice those politicians who are in limelight, why don’t we look at some others too. Some one who is in politics for more than 70 years.

Russia? May be I do not know but we also have to check for other countries. India could be one of it.

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