Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wathis iis?

From the time I reach home till the time I leave to office in the morning. I could expect a sound “wathis iis?” any number of time any time. This is my two and a half year daughter Claire. She would point her finger to any thing she finds in the house and ask Wathis iis? (What is this?). Sometimes she points her finger on the same picture of an apple and ask Wathis iis? For ten times. And she would expect us to answer the same for all the ten times. There are things that I have started noticing or even seeing because of this. For her small eyes everything that she see is interesting and would want to know what it is.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Dost Post, has become a reality.

After a long wait and fight, Companies haves given importance to the Employee referral program. Thanks to all the people who have been asking for it, in the private and public meetings. And thanks to the management for acting on it and giving this opportunity. It is one of the employee benefits, where employees has got the right to refer and bring in their own people in to the company. It is also the responsibility to we people to make sure that we bring in the right candidate for the interview. The opportunity that we have now needs to
 be utilized properly that the culture of getting employees from vendors and the culture of making us just statues in the field should be totally eliminated. This is one such opportunity that we needs to prove that we could bring right candidates through referral programs. If we remember we have been asking this question on why employee referral programs are not working in many forums. This would certainly help Company in many ways. It would bring in a culture within the organization where employees feels happy to work with the people they know well. It also brings the opportunity to our employees to bring in their family members, which would in return gives a great satisfaction and would reduce attrition. Employees also benefits with the employee referral bonus, which was going to some external employee suppliers. And we were forced to work with people who we do not know. This program should be a great success and hence we get opportunity to work with our close ones. It is not just the we people the company also is benefited if the program becomes successful. First of all we get people with good quality who we would not have to do background verification because it’s been referred by one of our employee itself. Company reduce the cost of finding a person and also reduces the risk of depending on a third party vendor, who is just interested in the count and not the quality. Attrition rate goes down because of the satisfaction and the close bounding between the people within the organization.

It is not our right to refer our friends to our company, which we should be enjoying when the opportunity is given to us. It is also a prestigious feeling that we also have a role to play in the recruitment process of the company that we work . I think we should all support this initiative that the management has taken now to make sure that the management continue this initiative throughout.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Where are the spoons?

If you get a spoon and a place in the cafeteria WOW! you are one lucky person that day. Where are the spoons? It is a usual seen in the cafeteria where you see a group of people around a pillar waiting for spoons. Survival of the fittest, is the rule here. If you are good in fighting in a crowd then yes, you are the one who could get spoon. And if you are not fit enough to fight in the crowd, you may have to wait for the next turn. Most of the time you will have to wait for the spoons or for a table or for a chair to have lunch. And all these time you wait for the spoon your project pays for it. So do not worry it’s not your personal time that you are wasting. You are paid to waste time. This is a fact. But then are you paid to wait for the spoon? Why is that we are not noticing this great waste of time which happens most of the day. The money spend waiting for a spoon or a table you could buy many spoons. It is heard that there are spoons purchased every now and then, But now it’s time to investigate where it is going. Is it been taken home with the lunchboxes unknowingly? If that is the case it is also brought back. I do not think there would be any employee who would wish to keep a canteen spoon at home. Is it thrown along with the waste? Then there should be a magnet kept to filter before it goes to the waste bin. The fun part is In the last Feast Syntillations have conducted 237 spoons of the vendor is missing. This is a pure mismanagement. I think the spoons are going with the waste.
Whatever is the case if investigation is done or not, it is really important to make sure that there are enough spoons, chairs and tables in the cafeteria so that time is not wasted. We have some 500 chairs in the cafeteria. So we should have at least 1500 spoons half always goes for washing. Most of the people would want more than one to share their dishes with their friends.
If nothing is working, I would advice each employee to bring one spoon each from home. Also a mat to sit and have.