Monday, 27 June 2016

Loyalty is an important quality - A dog princess in the cat's world

While taking interviews, I always ask, especially graduates, how long they are planning to work in the organisation if they are selected. I check this to see the pattern of answers and to see how they react to it. It really does not matter because; I believe it depends on the organisation how they are treated. But it has become a trend to change jobs within in smaller duration. The average tenure in software industry in India is less than 3 years and companies which has got more than the average shows the increased loyalty and satisfaction of the employees in that organisation. I have heard this phrase "I work for money if you want loyalty hire a dog" and a lion is in the background. Well there is another view to this picture. Lion is nothing but a big cat, the mightiness and the royal image to lion is brought in to our minds from stories from the young age. I have nothing against the lion. I am personally a Leo, and have seen The Lion King movie so many times. But that is to do with the image that we have given to the Lion as King of the Jungle. In reality, it is just one big cat.

Cat will be only with you when it needs you. It stays with you because it needs protection and food. It also enjoys all that you have. How much ever you try to be good to it; it can never be loyal to you. It will be the first to run, while in danger. It will be good to you until you keep feeding it or it does not have another opportunity. The day it has a better opportunity, it leaves you which ever situation you are in. It never misses an opportunity to steal and eat, could it be the milk kept for your child. It doesn't matter for the cat. All it cares is for itself.

I have also heard some great mind of IT industry saying, "Do not love your company, but love your job". Yes, you need to love your job. But the job satisfaction that you get when you do it for a cause bigger than you would only come when you do it to make your company proud. This is nothing but loyalty. There are many people who have served organisations for long time. Have you noticed the respect someone has towards the organisation they have been working for long after getting retired? Can we even measure the satisfaction these people have? Could it be replaced with something else? This is something that a cat would never enjoy.

Loyalty is not a bad thing to have. It depends on what you are loyal to. If loyalty is a bad thing, why do we have loyalty programs in organisations? Why do we recognise long serving people in all organisations? A long service will definitely be successful, if you are also contributing to the success of the organisation. If you continuously fail to bring any benefit to your employer because of your existence, what do you think it can return you? Loyalty is not working in the same organisation without changing from it and doing nothing to it. You need to take challenges coming to you. The industry is changing and we need to change along with the industry adapting the new culture. We need to contribute to the culture of the organisation to make it a better place for all the others in the organisation. Some people will never understand this word loyalty. Forget about changing the organisation, I have seen people moving to another team who don't care about the old team. But some are different. I have seen team members who come back and visit old team members, socialize in a very positive way. This is because of the love they have towards the team and the organisation.

A dog is better than a dog. There is no better friend to man than a dog in the animal kingdom. A dog is a loyal animal, which ensures that it does its best in its job and will always be there for you. You recognise and love it, that is all it would need. You provide training, it will like it and make use of the best leanings. . You cannot make a cat to do any work that you wanted to do. Even if it does, it would be like a ring master in the ring and the tigers on the stool. But with dogs, tasks are done because they love doing it and also because they know that you love them doing it. This is the difference.

Would you like to have a person with the attitude that is mentioned in the lion's picture? I definitely will not like to have a person like that in my team. Attitude is the most important requirement of an employee. The right attitude is important in a team or you will have a disaster waiting for you. If money is the only thing that someone wants, they should be working in some place where that gives only that. Let us look for people who look for an environment where they can show their honesty, integrity ability and passionate nature to words the work.

This is a cat's world. There are a lot of cats in the IT industry. You may find short term success with cats. Loyalty, dedication, and the respect to colleagues are important to make your carrier a successful one. The ones with all these quality are the ones which needs to be respectfully called as dogs.

And to be a dog is not so easy. I myself wanted to be a dog and not a cat, how so ever big the cat is. Even if you call the cat a Lion, it is a cat. And it never can become a dog. The society will pull you with all the social influences to become a cat. Offers for a cat are very attractive. But at the end when you are able to be successful in being what you are, where you are, that's when you are a dog princess in the cat's world. It is not easy to find many, but when you find one, never lose the opportunity to get them in.