Friday, 24 September 2010

Fitness Festival

At logica we celebrated Fitness Festival.
A mass Arobics from Naren and group. and around so many employees doing it. Had great fun

Sunday, 19 September 2010

How to Get a Stuck Car Free of Mud

Getting stuck in the snow can be a colossal headache. Everyone's first instinct is to do exactly what should never be done. You'll want to turn the wheel or to gun the motor for more power. Both of these things will get you stuck in deeper. To get out of a jam in your car, follow these instructions.
Don't rock your car back and forth more than 10 or 12 times, tops. You will ruin your transmission.

•1 Be prepared ahead of time. Keep a bag of kitty litter in the car for traction. It helps a lot in snow or ice.
•2 Use whatever you can find if you have no kitty litter. Tree branches are great for traction--just make sure that you aren't tearing up someone's property to get them. You can also use pieces of old carpeting, or your own car mats if you're really desperate. Sand, gravel or sandpaper will also work.
•3 If you have front-wheel drive, put the branches, litter or whatever you're using for traction under those tires. For a car with four-wheel drive, put them in the front first and then, if you have enough, put them in the back, too.
•4 Point the car wheel straight and try to rock the car. Move from reverse to drive quickly. If that doesn't work after eight or 10 times, give it up. You'll dig yourself in deeper if you keep it up too long, and you can ruin your transmission.
•5 Try to let just a little air out of the tires. That way they can grab a little more traction sometimes. Make sure that you don't forget to put air in again as soon as you can, though.
•6 Find branches and lay them in front of the tires and behind the tires. This is not always possible, but if you are near woods it can be a great last resort.

People who helped us while our car got stuck in mud in the middle of a forest.

Our car got stuck in mud in a road in the middle of the forest. The people in the picture helped us out. They did not even hesitate to help. The small boy in the pink shirt saw us and brought the rest of the people. the man in blue t-shirt is from Kottayam and is taking care of an estate, "Merry Land Estate". The estate belongs to a person in Pulinkunnu. They brought some tools and logs and helped us to pull the car out of mud. It was showing the real love of human to another. This is something which we now see missing in the city life. They did not mind making their hand and dress dirty for a strangers family.  

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Festiwal of Unity Ganesh Chaturthi

It was Ganesh Chathurthy festiwal, and we celebrated it as the festiwal of unity in Logica. We gave away Kozhakatta  a typical sweet made for ganesh chathurthy. Ganesh Chaturthi or "Vinayak Chaturthi" is one of the major traditional festivals celebrated by the Hindu community. It is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Bhadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period). Typically the day falls sometime between August 20 and September 15. The festival lasts for 10 days, ending on Ananta Chaturdashi, and is traditionally celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha.
According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is the son of Shiva (The God of Destruction in the Hindu Holy Trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer) and Parvati (Shiva’s consort). The cutest and most lovable Indian God, Ganesha or Ganpati has the head of an elephant on which rests an elegant tiara, four podgy hands joined to a sizeable belly with each hand holding its own symbolic object - a trishul or a trident in one, an ankush or goad (made from his very own broken tooth) in another, a lotus in the third and a rosary (which is sometimes replaced by modaks, his favourite sweet) in the fourth. Revered as the deity of auspiciousness and wisdom, Lord Ganesha is also famous for being a trickster and for his profound sense of humour.
It is believed that Lord Ganesh was born on a fourth day (chaturthi) of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Magh. Since then, an association between Ganesh and chaturthi has been established. Thus the festival dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha on this chaturthi day is named as Ganesh Chaturthi. There were some games organised by Syntillations. The team above is the winning team of tug of war game organised.
The strongest teams even broke the rope once. Josin and team challenging Venu's winning team.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Grandmother Mariyamma Chacko Chakkalathara. turned 90

When the schools closes for the long vacations, me and my sister we always wanted someone from my mother’s house to come and take us to My grandmother house. She used to stay in a place called Kainakari in Alappuzha district. the only mode of transport to this place was boat at that service. We used to go in the government boat and then a small stretch we need to cover in a rowing boat (kadathu vallam). then for around half a kilometer we will have to reach Chakkalathara family house. The house is in a peninsula where the vattakayal in the front and two small canals on both the sides of the property. to reach the house from either side we need to walk on one of the one feet wide bridge, a bridge made of one single wooden block.(ottathadi palam).
There were lots of mango trees in different verities near the house. and we used to pluck , eat lots of mangoes in this period. any dish that she prepares was tasty. In such vacations I used to get Avalose unda, a sweet made of rice, with coffee in the evenigns from her. Now she is staying with her grandson in Trisure district. She was married to a farmer (my grandfather, Chackochan Chakkalathara, who owned around 100 para paddy field and 50 acres of rubber plantation at the age of 15.
But both of them lived a very simple life.
They have six children out of which my mother is the eldest, my mother had two brothers and three sisters. The last 22nd of Aug, me my mother, my brother, my wife and my child went to see her in Trichure.
She has just turnd 90. a few months back. She felt very happy seeing all of us. When we were about to go and asked her permission to go, she said. "Alright, would you stay back if I ask you to"? I could actually see that she is missing all her children and grand children. It was not that easy for her now. with age she feels that it is important to see children and her grand children. She is one of the most loving person I have ever seen. My father the first person I love in the world loves her like his own mother. He has told this many times to us. She now lives with the help of a walking stick.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Want to keep track of your Husband Google latitude.

Google has introdused Google latitude. If we enable Google Location History then it will show you where you were in each time. another creatieve innovation of Google.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Best Joke I ever heard.

Sardars, the most loved people in this world, who always bring a smile to the face. No offence intended.

A Gujarati, a Madrasi and a Sardar were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were having lunch and the Gujju opened his lunch box & said, "Dhokla ! If I get dhokla one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building." The Madrasi opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Idli
Sambhar again! If I get idli sambhar one more time I'm going to jump off too." The Sardar opened his lunch and said, "Parontha again! If I get a parontha one more time, I'm jumping too."

The next day, the Gujju opened his lunch box, saw dhokla, and jumped to his death. The Madrasi opened his lunch, saw idli sambhar, and jumped, too. The sardaar opened his lunch, saw the parontha and jumped to his death as well.
At the funeral, Gujju's wife was weeping. She said, "If I'd known how really tired he was of dhokla, I never would have given it to him again!" The Madrasi's wife also wept and said, "I could have given him dosa! I didn't realize he hated idli sambhar so much."

Everyone turned and stared at the Sardar's wife. The Sardar's wife said, "Don't look at me. He makes his own lunch."