Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Ego and My Smile

Monday morning, most of the things go unexpected. I love admitting it. I was walking to the bus stop and saw that the bus is already moving. I ran to catch it. The driver of the bus saw me, at least I thought so, but did not stop it. I kept on running but he was not stopping it. If I leave this bus I will have to wait for another 30 minutes to get the next one. This thought made me not to stop. I kept on running. I realized that I am getting older and also have got a nice family pack belly. I ran till the next stop and got the bus. Increased blood pressure, the loud heart beat, heavy breath, and the anger to the bus driver who did not stop made shout at the driver. I got in to the bus and shouted "Why did you not stop" Then both of us started to shouting each other. There is no conductor in the bus. It is he himself who need to give tickets also. He asked me Ticket or Pass? I said Ticket and sat down in the first seat. I was still taking heavy breath. He started moving the bus slowly.

I while taking money from my purse thought. The whole day is going to be spoiled with this and looked at him angrily. He had his eyebrows raised and driving talking to himself. "Wait if it is going to spoil my whole day it is going to spoil his day also" I told myself. I went near him and gave money and rubbed his shoulder and told him with a smile," Sorry brother, I couldn't run that long. This made me shout, sorry". He turned to me and gave me ticket and said, "Sorry sir I did not actually saw you, and smiled". Both of us lost all the tension in mind and felt so nice. And when I got down from the bus, he smiled at me and waved his hand to say bye. I felt so nice that I not only took me out of a bad start of the day, but also gave the driver a nice beginning. A tensed driver would also have chance to make road accidents. It could have been a very bad day and anything that I do that day could have been affected with this. But now with a smile I could change the whole world. We all like to smile and to be smiled at. My ego rubbed his ego and was going wrong. My smile could bring smile on his face and also gave me a great day.

“Onam” in a different point of view

Onam is the national festival of the Indian state of Kerala. This is celebrated by the people of all the religion in the state with no difference. This the only celebration which is celebrated for an Asura(Demon) king. All the other celebrations are in favor of the Devas(Gods). In the fifth avatar of Lord Mahavishnu as Vamana, he pushes the Demon King to the Pathala(the underworld). The myth is that Indra, king of gods out of jealousy approached Lord Mahavishnu and seeks his help in destroying the king Mahabali. Lord Mahavishnu took avatar of a Brahmin youth and request for three foot of land. King Mahabali, known for his generousness, immediately grant's the wish and asks the young Brahmin boy to measure and take it himself where ever he wanted. Vamana grows in to huge and covers all that Mahabali has got in two feet. When asked for the third foot of land king Mahabali shows his own head to be stamped on. Vamana pushes him to Pathala, the bottom most land, and grant him a wish that he could visit his people once in every year. Onam is the day he visits Kerala to see his people.

"Varaha Purana" talks about ten avatars of Mahavishnu. Vamana is the fifth avathara of Lord Mahavishnu.

"Matsya: Koormo Varahascha Narasimha: Atha Vamana: Ramo Ramacha Ramascha Krishna: Kalki: iti te dasa"

  1. Malsia (Fish)
  2. Kurma(Tortoise)
  3. Varaha(Pig)
  4. Narasimha (half man half animal)
  5. Vamana
  6. Parasurama
  7. Srirama
  8. Rama
  9. Krishna
  10. Kalki

Each of these avatars are taken to destroy the demon king at that time. According to Holy Bhagavath Gita, Load Krishna says:

"Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.
For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil, and for the establishment of righteousness, I come into being age after age

Gita 4: 7-8

Being in GIS I thought of mapping the avatars in to the map of India and it resulted in a Visible Migration. I felt that it has also got something to do with the Aryans pushing the Dravidians to the south. The middle four avatars found to be much interesting. In each of the avatars the demons are getting pushed to the south and the next generation moves still further. Look at the map of India and the numbers in it. The numbers represent the following explanation. And arrows represents the movement.

  1. Narasimha - Conquered Hiranya Kasapu (Indus, Taxila) Kingdom of Kondakpors
  2. Vamana - Conquered Kingdom of Mahabali (Great grandson of Hiranyakasipu) Ruled all Dravida. Vamana met him at the banks of Narmada (Present Gujarat) and pushes him to Pathala(Present Kerala)
  3. Parasurama - Conquered kingdom of Keralaputras (present Kerala region) and hand over the land to the Brahmins that he brought from the north India.
  4. Rama - Conquered Kingdom of Ravana (Great grandson of Mahabali) at Present Sri Lanka and returned.

The Indian subcontinent is the only place considered. Starting from Kailasa (Heaven) the topmost place to the pathala,(Kerala) the bottem most place and the Lanka which is out of this world. So the Asuras who still are left back in the region of Kerala celebrates the good time they had when they were with the king. This celebration is called Onam. It is a harvest festival in the first month of the Malayalam calendar.


One Coin Please, Hey I am not a begger

While going through one of the comments of my previous post (I am sorry), one incident happened in my life flashed through. This is when I was 10 years old. I was studying in fifth standard. One of my hobbies was collecting coins of different countries. Being a small child the only option was to get it from the foreign tourists or by exchanging coins from others who collect it. Alappuzha, being a tourist place, there were lots of foreigners in the city. Some of them would take Indian rupees and give coin of their country. But some of them would not even talk. This used to happen for a while.

One day, near to my school I saw two foreign ladies. I checked my pocket. I had five rupees in my pocket. I thought that I could give five rupees and get the coin of their country in exchange to add coins to my collection. I did not want to miss the chance I ran to them showed them five rupee note and asked, "Could you give me some coins of your country please". The lady without saying anything frightened me away. I felt so insulted and walked back to school pushing five rupee note back into my pocket. I was very angry with the lady. One of my teachers found me and asked me what happened. I explained to him why she was frightening me. He took me to the staff room, gave me a glass of water and told me "Listen Joe, all white people are not English, many of them do not even understand English". He continued, "There are Finnish, French, Dutch, Russian, Swedish and so many. But people were from all over. " 

What happened was that those ladies who I asked coin for didn't knew English and thought that I was begging for money. I felt ashamed of being frightened away by a lady thinking that I was a beggar. From that day I stopped collecting coins.

As a child I assumed that all white speak English. So never understood why they behave so until this incident happened to me. I felt sorry and realized that I should not judge people by the way they look.

I am sorry

It was a hot Friday morning. Right in front of Electronic city Wipro office, there is one famous tender coconut shop. This is the nearest tender coconut shop to my home and is near to the bus stop from where I get bus to office. I reached there and asked for one and was waiting for my turn. I saw an old lady. She was holding the hand of those who passes near her and pleading. Some gave her money some scolded her and some just walked away. She was wearing a dirty torn dress and would be some were in late eighties.
While I was watching this the tender coconut guy gave me one. I turned to him and got the coconut and started drinking. After taking the first sip, I felt some one holding my hand. To my surprise it was the same lady. She was telling something to me in Kannada in a low voice. I reached my pocket and took a two rupee coin and gave it to her. She refused and told me something again. I asked one of those who were standing next to me to ask her what she wants. He asked her in Kannada. He told me that she is speaking some old Kannada which he is not sure about and told me that she is asking for a coconut. I asked the shopkeeper to make one for her too. He gave me one which I gave it to her. She touched and rejected it. I was in a hurry because my bus would reach there any time. However I got another person and asked him to enquire what she wants. He asked her in Kannada and took her to the side of the road and made her to sit. He came back to me and said, "She is not a beggar, she was just asking to take her to the side of the road so that she can sit down, she is a blind".
It touched my heart. I felt so sad. An old, blind, helpless, lady was pleading to just help her to the side of the road. We did not even do that. I would plea to my nation to please take care of our elders. I would not mind if the government takes flat 30% tax from my income but please make sure that the elders are treated well. They all have contributed enough to bring up our nation to what it is now. Remember all of us are getting old every day. And all those who stop you wearing dirty clothes on the road are not beggars. Listen to them also.
NB: The picture of the lady in this blog is not the real lady I wrote about. I got this picture from internet.

Wear Black Dress on 19th August 2011 to show your support to Anna

To show your support for Anna Hazare and Janlokpal Bill – employees of various organizations have decided to Wear Black Dress on 19th August at work. Let us also wear black dress on 19th August when we come to work. You may also wear a black arm band if you wish. Show your support against Corruption.
This is the least you can do even if you can join the protest because of your office work. Let us make it successful. The Government has put condition to get 25 crore people to support JanLokPal. To give your support call 02261550789 (as given by Kiran Bedi) from your mobile no. Your Call will disconnect after 1 ring and your no registered automatically. You will get an SMS confirming this. Do it along to all your friends. Forward to as many people as you know... Verbally, by mails, by messages.

Supporting Anti-corruption campaign lead by Anna Hazare
Jai Hind.

Claire made it clear to me

A few days before Lohaan, my boy, who is just 3 months now, was crying loud. I heard my wife who was in the kitchen telling Claire, my daughter, to attend. She ran to him and on the way she said that he wants amma to be with him and that is why he is crying. We both thought that she would go to him and just talk. All of a sudden to our surprise he stopped crying. Out of curiosity, we both reached to see what happened. TO our surprise we noticed that Claire was sitting next to him and her thump is in his mouth. Seeing us she again said "He wants amma to be with him". We have been trying to stop Claire sucking her thump. And a few months before while visiting the hospital, I told the doctor that she is still sucking the thump. To which the doctor just asked her not to do so. She did not like me telling this to her doctor and decided not to do so. I did not know she could be so determined. The power of her will was so clear that day night. I saw her holding her thump with the other hand while she was sleeping. From that day she stopped it. But from this incident she brought it to light that why she was doing so. I then remembered that I have read this some were that children suck their thump when they feel lonely and unsecured. Definitely it is not her mistake. It was we parents who should have not let her feel so.


D.V. Sadananda Gowda, the new Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka Governor H.R. Bhardwaj Wednesday appointed the newly elected leader D.V. Sadananda Gowda as the state's chief minister and invited him to form the government.

D. V. Sadananda Gowda (born 18 March 1953)is the current chief minister of Karnataka. He represents the Udupi Chikmagalur constituency in Karnataka.

Mr. Gowda, 58, has been an MLA and MP twice each. Known for his humility and smiling face, there have been no instances of Gowda losing his cool. He is best known for defusing a crisis without facing pressure. The Vokkaliga leader has a law degree and was a sportsman in college. The affable Gowda lists chatting with family and friends among his interests. Through Mirage I wish him all success and wish he could bring the state still higher.

Note: This post is intended only to wish the new chief minister success. Please do not post any political comments. Please consider this as a request before posting any comments.

You have no right to make me suffer because of your ignorance

A few days before me and some of my friends went to the cricket ground in front of Logica Bangalore. This ground is maintained by some local people in Yemlur. They have spend around 100'000 rupees to make this ground to this shape. And also have got some aid from JDA for the maintenance. I met a guy there who had employed some of the guys to cut the grass and clean the ground. When he saw that we are from Logica, he said to me. "Last time your guys played in this ground and have spoiled it. They have thrown lots of plastic bottles and snacks wrappers all around the ground. We had to keep people to clean this ground again.". I had no face to show. We are the same who cleaned the coastal area in Chennai. We are the same who raise for clean city. But do we really mean it from inside. Or are we doing it to get publicity? Do we really care?
There are so many uneducated people from the village who play in this ground, who keep it clean. There are also so many children who play and still keeps the ground clean. Now we the so called educated people with a better social living, throw all plastic waste in the area. I feel ashamed to be called as one of this society. Do we not have to think on why we are behaving like this. We people are not caring but only saying about the social responsibility. To be a better social being it is not important to have a higher education, a job with better salary, or nice cloths. It is important to have a feeling of social responsibility. We all curse the Belendur Lake which is the biggest lake in Bangalore. We all close our nose when we cross the bridge crossing the lake's out flow. We all call those people stupid who are seen cutting grass for their cow from the lake. But have you ever though who is the reason for the lake to be so. It is we the people of the higher society who makes it dirty. And it is those people who suffer from it.
We are all happy to live in a place with high standard of living and a good infrastructure. But when it comes to keeping it clean. We never care. We all want to play in the ground but we would not take the smallest responsibility of not making it dirty. Forget about cleaning, Let us at least not make it dirty. We all want a clean city but would not stop throwing on the road. You have no right to make me suffer because of your ignorance.

150 Rupee Coin Launched By Reserve Bank Of India


India celebrating the Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary. On this celebration Reserve Bank of India launched the 150 Rupee coin in the memory of Nobel Winner Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Newly launched 150 Rupee coin is about 40 mm in diameter and It's weighs is about 35 grams. The coin of 150 Rupee contain Rabindranath Tagore image on one side and on another side it will contain the image of Ashok Stambha. Both Side of Indian 150 Rupee Coin

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


One of the most humorous sites. You search for anything and start laughing. Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. You might say it puts the "psych!" in "encyclopedia". They do have a sense of humor. The content-free encyclopedia is a satirical website that parodies Wikipedia. Founded in 2005 Various styles of humour are used as a vehicle for parody, from sophisticated satire to crude sarcasm to the apparently random. Like Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia has guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable content and these guidelines have become progressively stricter as the site expands over time. Its logo, a hollow potato named Sophia after the Gnostic deity, serves as a parody of Wikipedia's globe logo.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mental changes along with age

I could see a change in my life. It was the courage which used to increase each year. Every next year you get a percentage of courage in your daily life. The belief that you have got towards your body increases each year. The strength increases and the speed and the so do the daringness. You are not afraid to go out to a forest for hunting. You are not afraid to explore the rocks, you are not at all bothered about the nights. Nothing makes you think about the consciences. You get bold in climbing trees, climbing rocks, fighting, speeding in the bike and so on. But then this growth is not something which is a constantly continues one. This has got a parabolic shape. Now when I am married and have a kid. Along with the age the body is also getting heavy. I do not feel climbing on a tree to pluck the fruit but will think of finding a long stick with which I could pull it. Is this the age, or the feeling of being dependent that is stopping you from going adventures? With the age now I feel that there is a percentage of fear which increases. I still remember me travelling all alone to Darjeeling and from there to Nepal to learn mountaineering. I was also courageous enough to fight with the Nepali people there. Now when I got married I reduced the speed of my Bullet to 80 from 100. When I got my first child it again reduced to 60. When my wife is conceived our second child, expected in may, I sold my Bullet. I am also avoiding the problems and situations that could create problems. I was a very angry person. But the anger is also getting reduced.

Wathis iis?

From the time I reach home till the time I leave to office in the morning.

I could expect a sound “wathis iis?” any number of time any time. This is my two and a half year daughter Claire. She would point her finger to any thing she finds in the house and ask Wathis iis? (What is this?). Sometimes she points her finger on the same picture of an apple and ask Wathis iis? For ten times. And she would expect us to answer the same for all the ten times. There are things that I have started noticing or even seeing because of this. For her small eyes everything that she see is interesting and would want to know what it is.