Friday, 2 September 2011

Mental changes along with age

I could see a change in my life. It was the courage which used to increase each year. Every next year you get a percentage of courage in your daily life. The belief that you have got towards your body increases each year. The strength increases and the speed and the so do the daringness. You are not afraid to go out to a forest for hunting. You are not afraid to explore the rocks, you are not at all bothered about the nights. Nothing makes you think about the consciences. You get bold in climbing trees, climbing rocks, fighting, speeding in the bike and so on. But then this growth is not something which is a constantly continues one. This has got a parabolic shape. Now when I am married and have a kid. Along with the age the body is also getting heavy. I do not feel climbing on a tree to pluck the fruit but will think of finding a long stick with which I could pull it. Is this the age, or the feeling of being dependent that is stopping you from going adventures? With the age now I feel that there is a percentage of fear which increases. I still remember me travelling all alone to Darjeeling and from there to Nepal to learn mountaineering. I was also courageous enough to fight with the Nepali people there. Now when I got married I reduced the speed of my Bullet to 80 from 100. When I got my first child it again reduced to 60. When my wife is conceived our second child, expected in may, I sold my Bullet. I am also avoiding the problems and situations that could create problems. I was a very angry person. But the anger is also getting reduced.

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