Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Ego and My Smile

Monday morning, most of the things go unexpected. I love admitting it. I was walking to the bus stop and saw that the bus is already moving. I ran to catch it. The driver of the bus saw me, at least I thought so, but did not stop it. I kept on running but he was not stopping it. If I leave this bus I will have to wait for another 30 minutes to get the next one. This thought made me not to stop. I kept on running. I realized that I am getting older and also have got a nice family pack belly. I ran till the next stop and got the bus. Increased blood pressure, the loud heart beat, heavy breath, and the anger to the bus driver who did not stop made shout at the driver. I got in to the bus and shouted "Why did you not stop" Then both of us started to shouting each other. There is no conductor in the bus. It is he himself who need to give tickets also. He asked me Ticket or Pass? I said Ticket and sat down in the first seat. I was still taking heavy breath. He started moving the bus slowly.

I while taking money from my purse thought. The whole day is going to be spoiled with this and looked at him angrily. He had his eyebrows raised and driving talking to himself. "Wait if it is going to spoil my whole day it is going to spoil his day also" I told myself. I went near him and gave money and rubbed his shoulder and told him with a smile," Sorry brother, I couldn't run that long. This made me shout, sorry". He turned to me and gave me ticket and said, "Sorry sir I did not actually saw you, and smiled". Both of us lost all the tension in mind and felt so nice. And when I got down from the bus, he smiled at me and waved his hand to say bye. I felt so nice that I not only took me out of a bad start of the day, but also gave the driver a nice beginning. A tensed driver would also have chance to make road accidents. It could have been a very bad day and anything that I do that day could have been affected with this. But now with a smile I could change the whole world. We all like to smile and to be smiled at. My ego rubbed his ego and was going wrong. My smile could bring smile on his face and also gave me a great day.

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