Thursday, 29 September 2011

You have no right to make me suffer because of your ignorance

A few days before me and some of my friends went to the cricket ground in front of Logica Bangalore. This ground is maintained by some local people in Yemlur. They have spend around 100'000 rupees to make this ground to this shape. And also have got some aid from JDA for the maintenance. I met a guy there who had employed some of the guys to cut the grass and clean the ground. When he saw that we are from Logica, he said to me. "Last time your guys played in this ground and have spoiled it. They have thrown lots of plastic bottles and snacks wrappers all around the ground. We had to keep people to clean this ground again.". I had no face to show. We are the same who cleaned the coastal area in Chennai. We are the same who raise for clean city. But do we really mean it from inside. Or are we doing it to get publicity? Do we really care?
There are so many uneducated people from the village who play in this ground, who keep it clean. There are also so many children who play and still keeps the ground clean. Now we the so called educated people with a better social living, throw all plastic waste in the area. I feel ashamed to be called as one of this society. Do we not have to think on why we are behaving like this. We people are not caring but only saying about the social responsibility. To be a better social being it is not important to have a higher education, a job with better salary, or nice cloths. It is important to have a feeling of social responsibility. We all curse the Belendur Lake which is the biggest lake in Bangalore. We all close our nose when we cross the bridge crossing the lake's out flow. We all call those people stupid who are seen cutting grass for their cow from the lake. But have you ever though who is the reason for the lake to be so. It is we the people of the higher society who makes it dirty. And it is those people who suffer from it.
We are all happy to live in a place with high standard of living and a good infrastructure. But when it comes to keeping it clean. We never care. We all want to play in the ground but we would not take the smallest responsibility of not making it dirty. Forget about cleaning, Let us at least not make it dirty. We all want a clean city but would not stop throwing on the road. You have no right to make me suffer because of your ignorance.

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