Thursday, 19 January 2012

Gone Green, long way to Yellow

From the last week while getting ready to come to office, one thing makes me very proud. Each day it is like a new achievement and recognition. Logica recognizes it's employees many ways. LORE awards , Diamond awards, Star awards, Project level awards etc. Each of it has got great value. But the latest recognition "Loyalty award" is carried around all the day around the neck. I felt it as if a star is getting added to the shoulder flap. It was a great way to recognize the people who have served the company for many years. It is not always money which could make someone happy but is the recognition that you receive in the society which makes you happy and proud.
I felt very proud when my Line manager Rajesh Roy and my staff Manager Asit Mishra gave me the personalized letter from Abhay in front of my wife and children. I am sure that my family would have felt proud about me. It was also a great moment for my wife to receive the silver coin. And when she was told that the company is proud of her as it is very important for the support of the family for a person to give a long run in a company, I could see that she felt so proud that she is also recognized for her efforts. It is true. Each of us needs the support of the family to excel in the official work. They might not be helping us in the office works but the support is very important.
If you get chance certainly do listen to your parents, spouse, children or your siblings talking about Logica to some third person. They would sound as if it is their own. I have seen the great feeling that they have about the company. It is not just about you and the company. When you are associated with a company for long it becomes part of your family's interest. I just got a green tag as I have done 6+ years. Look at those who have got blue, purple and yellow tags. I can imagine how proud they would be feeling wearing their tags around their neck every day morning. I am sure that each one who have got this tag when wear it every day morning their family would be very proud of them.

Monday, 9 January 2012

It’s great to be Santa

This year Great parents Club of Logica India  asked its members to help their children to write letter to Santa. There were many objectives behind it. Letter writing is a culture which is getting vanished from the society. With phone’s  to emails then to mobile phones. Now facebook. Communication is so fast that we have almost forgotten about the postal department. Address is Santa Claus, Great Parents Club, Logica.
To let our children know about post office, stamp, postbox and so on. This would give parents an opportunity to spend time with their children and to talk to them on many subjects like post office, Santa Claus, Christmas, and so on. Mukesh, me and Yash made the plan for the event and approached the Rajesh, vice president, Syntillations. He was happy and told us that the budget is only 6000 -8000 rupees. As the rest of the money is all planed for the family day. 

We agreed to find the best 10 letters and send them the gifts that they have asked for. We were amazed by seeing the letters that we have got from children. We called up the parents and also reached the children and wished them. Unfortunately we couldn’t reach some of the children. Children were so exited to talk to Santa. On the last working day before Christmas we gave gifts to those children who’s parents we could reach on that day. Now our budget was almost over. But there were so many nice letters we got from small children. Didn’t feel good to break their heart. Mukesh and me checked with Raj. He said that his budget is done for the year. We went to Prabodh Sirur and showed him all the letters, he was so exited in the concept and those innocent letters made him so happy. Then we told him that we have got some more letters but have no budget to give gifts to children.
He immediately called Chinnappa, who is helping Syntillation to handle it’s account, and got the budget sanctioned. We were so thankful to him while leaving his room. On family day Mukesh with the help of the Nandu  arranged the setup for Santa to meet children. Mukesh and Yash went and purchased all the gifts. I went to Anish Joseph and borrowed his Santa’s dress. We were all ready by four.
I was dressed as Santa. Sulfy clicked all the pictures of children, who came to Santa. All those who have send letters to Santa got their gifts on that day.  It was a great feeling when children approach you and take away their gifts. Thanks to all the people who made it happen.