Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Claire and I

My child, Claire is one year old now. She started crying in the nights. Not sure why she is crying. She never cried in nights until she started going to the crush. Is that she is feeling unsecured? Is that she wants to tell us some thing. I bath her every day. Some day while taking bath, she cries. I would console her when she cries and then make her sit inside the bucket. This makes her happy and she would stop crying and start laughing.
I have bought a bicycle and am going to office in it. It is 18 kilometers from my house to office. Yesterday by 5:30 in the evening, I got a call from Ahilaa, my wife,. She said that the lady in the crush called her just now and informed her that, “Claire is suffering from high fever and should be taken home and it scaled 105 degree now”. She continued,” I’m going to pick her up from the crush, would you please start now itself”? I informed my colleague that I am leaving a little early, and started to cycle back home. On the way Ahilaa called me and asked me to get Crosin syrup for the child. I picked up the syrup form one of the medical shop on the way home. Once reached home she was already feeling better.
Next day morning that it today, she got up crying. I tried to console her, in vain. Ahilaa got her from me and convinced her, and she stopped crying. And it was time for me to bath her. I took her to the bathroom, where she started crying again. I was losing my temper. I shouted at her, which actually worsen the cry. I was getting highly disturbed. I beat her with my hands on her buttocks. It was not hard, but this again worsens the situation. Now it was Ahilaa’s turn to get her from me to wipe her, apply cream on her and to dress her up. Now I saw that Ahilaa was not in a good mood. When I asked her, she said that it was not good to beat her as; we are not sure why she is crying. All this time Claire was crying.
Once she dressed her completely I took her from Ahilaa’s hand. I was now in a good mood and was talking to her. To which she stopped crying and started laughing. Now I understood why she was crying and what she wants. She just wanted to be with me and wanted me to talk to her. I felt bad for what I did, but there is no way back.
Every day my child teaches me a new lesson.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Bangalore Walk-A-Thon 2009 - The Green Way- by Samarthanam Trust for Disabled

Bangalore Walk-A-Thon 2009 - The Green Way- by Samarthanam Trust for Disabled

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has been working since 1997 to empower the visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged people in India. The Trust is working to support them to keep in pace with the rest of the society by providing quality education, accommodation, nutritious food, vocational training, placement based rehabilitation and achieve personal independence.

There where thousands of people participating. I was also part of it last Saturday December 05, 2009, to 05:00PM starting from Sree Kanteerava Stadium , Bangalore. There were another 18 from my company (Logica). Syntillations a club of employees, which is supported by the Corporate, sponsored 30 employees of Logica to participate in this event. . It was great while walking and helping them walk. At the same time to talk to them and understand them. One of them while walking, holding my hand, mentioned about a band in her wrist as a friend ship band tied by one of her friends. Keeping this in mind While talking to another blind girl, Maya, I asked her about her best friend. She gave me a name, with the previous experience, I then asked her, why she do not have a friendship band from her friend. With out hesitating she said, I have it she has tied it, in my heart. I was taken back, but pretended that I did not get her message. I asked her again. So how did she do it. She pulled your heart out and tied it with a ribbon. To this she said, she has tied it in my heart with love. I was buried. I really felt happy about her and with her answers.

There were some dance shows by the blind and partially blind children. While watching it sitting in the pavilion of the ground, I asked one of my colleague, if the one dancing is blind or not. To this one of the blind girls sitting next to me said, Her name is Ganga. She is completely blind. But I could not believe my eyes, She was dancing with perfection. The next event was a group dance. Once this started the same blind girl who told me about the dancing girl called me; Joe uncle, I was surprised. How do you know my name, I asked? To this she said. Don’t you remember you introduced yourself to me before we started the walkathon.
I was ashamed to ask her, her name once again. She could remember me by my voice, and even though with eyes I could not remember her. While these things were going in my mind, she continued. Do you see the tall girl in the group dance? I said, “Yes”. She continued. She should be doing mistakes in dance right? She is completely blind, and others are partially blind.
I was proud of myself participating in the event.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Difference in the way we think reflects even in machine.

I got a mail about Google India and Google. It was a surprise for me when I crosschecked it.

The test is very simple. Before you perform the test let me tell you a bit about Google. is used in the united states and could also be accessed by others. But is only accessible from India. Go to and type the word removing in the search box. Notice the options it is giving in the drop down. If you can not get, and if it is redirecting to, you can use the google search box if you have one in the menu bar. When I typed the below is what I got.

Now go to and type removing. And for this what I got is the below. You could test it your own system.

Surprised? Google gives you option from the history of use. Now you understand what people of India are after. And

still we call ourselves culturally rich. And the so called culturally rich people feel bad about the culturally poor western culture.

And there is no better proof than this.