Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is it my mistake?

It was my boy Lohaan’s first birthday last 20th. I invited some of my friends and well-wishers from Logica with their family to celebrate my boys birthday on 21st to my home. And my wife who works in Wipro also invited some of her friends for the function. We had also arranged a magic show for the children who would be attending. I invited all of my friends saying that I would wanted to cut the birthday cake by 12 in the noon and will have magic show after that. And also will have lunch followed.

All the people from Wipro who my wife invited were there in at my house before 12. But to my surprise not even one person came from Logica. I was worried and wondered why. I started thinking if there is something wrong I did that people did not wanted to come and attend. I started calling each one of them and all of them said that they are on the way and will reach in 15 minutes. I waited for another 15 minutes and decided that I should start with the magic show now or the guest who is already there would feel bad. I thought that by the time we have the magic show running all of my gusts would reach. Yes some of them reached by 12:30 but there were others who did not come. And then the magic show got over. It was 1:00 and people were already hungry. Then we went ahead and did the honour of cutting the cake. While I was cutting the cake I was still looking at the gate, failing to see my invited guests are still not coming in. Once we have done with the cake cutting, and started with the lunch I still had my guests coming in.

I was happy that they all came and we had a nice time. After seeing off all of them, I was back in my house wondering why this did happen. It has got to do definitely with something about me. Then I went to my wife and started discussing about the same thing. To my surprise my wife invited people by 11:00 for the function which has got to start by 12. She said “You will never change, we have to understand and accept that we Indians will come a little late than the expected time”. She continued, “We got to call them keeping a buffer time. And since people know that there is a buffer time they would come by the time we wanted to start the function, how many times do I need to tell you this?” I did not want to this each time she said this to me. And I am sure that I will not do this also.

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  1. Haha! I do this always! Call people an hour earlier!