Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Google TiSP and GFlush :) Wonderful Google.

Google is one of the leaders in innovation. The recent one is TiSP(http://www.google.com/tisp/)
Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.
And no one would have actually thought of patenting the technique of Flushing the Toilet :)
"Grasp both ends of the spindle firmly while a friend or loved one flushes, thus activating the patented GFlush™ system, which sends the weighted cable surfing through the plumbing system to one of the thousands of TiSP Access Nodes."  Google it just think differently.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Onam Celebration 2010

We were doing the announcement of potluck that is happening in the office for the independence day celebrations. Saneesh approached me and asked me if we are also calling for the Onam celebrations. We Syntillations team when ever tried to do some religious or cultural celebration of one particular group of people then there was always an objection from some one or the other saying that the previous team has not done this because of some issues. Keeping this in mind I told him that let me discuss with the team and get back to you. Saneesh again said that he has got some contact of a person who prepares “Adapradaman”, a porridge made in Kerala, and would give his contact. Since I too am from Kerala, I actually did not wanted to comment on it or propose it. But Nandu who overheard the conversation immediately responded saying. Yes, we can do it. He then told me that let’s call him and get the details.
I then asked Saneesh to contact him and get the details. On the same day in the evening Vimal and Dilan found me on the way and made a proposal of giving banana chips and “Sarkaravarati” to all the employees, by collecting money from the malayalies who are interested in it. I liked the proposal and said that I will send a mail to all the malayalees I know and let them cascade. I checked with Nandu and he said that we could do this also from syntillations. I told him that this is the happiness that the people wanted to share to the rest of the people, and it is not about the money. He was convinced. I then told them that if the ends are not meeting then we can get the help of syntillations. I send mail to a few people and it went on cascading. The mail also had a survey. We got response from 143 people.
Then there was also an Athapookalam in front of Logica designed by Previn, drawn by Sulfy and decorated by Anee, Sruthi and team. It was also a nice one. It took 4 hours to complete it.
Then came a proposal from Nandu about making a nair’s tea shop in the cafeteria. Rajesh Thayial helped in arranging the tea master and the accessories for the shop. Previn Named it as Chandran’s chayakada. Josin brought banana and hung it in front of the shop. Which gave a perfect look. There was also a glass almara in which there was some pazham pori and puttu in it.
All together it was just amaizing.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

ID celebration 2010 @ logica.

Independence day celebration this year was wonderful. I did not expect people to react to the national spirit in this level. From Syntillations we initiated the celebration in the cultural ways. We called for a pot luck party and went around in all the floors and told that this is as part of the Indian independence day celebration and asked people to feel that spirit. There was also a mustache competition and mehandi completion. Adding color to it we also called for the ethnic wear. It was absolutely amazing, to see people enjoying the celebration from the core of their heart.
On the 15th of Aug Promod Fernandes, the Director HR, hosted the flag. And many employees along with their families came to see and celebrate the same. Also gave away medals to security guards for their service excellence.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Syntillations, Logica

Logica strongly supports a club for employees called ‘Syntillations,’ which facilitates employee’s interests in sports, cultural and social activities and organizes get-togethers as well. This ensures that employees’ morale is high with avenues to explore interests, outside of the day-to-day work, like sports competitions, social service activities, special interest groups (trekking, biking and mountaineering), cultural events, etc.
Syntillations helps employees to interact with others having similar interests which would not be possible otherwise. It helps people move out of their comfort zone, as they often tend to work within their own teams and projects. Employees look forward to programs and initiatives organized by the club. Such network enhances the feel-good factor in employees and helps them bond with their colleagues and the organization.
Under Syntillations there are different wings namely Social Service, Sports, Talent, and Special Interest. 
Since I am one of the elected Special interested group members of Syntillations. I with the help of other SIG Admin Santhosh brought an existing club called Photologic under Syntillations and formed other five clubs This club was formed by Krishnan and Venkatesh. 
  • Wheels, for four wheel drivers (Sony Abraham and Vinu Padmanabhan helped me in this)
  • ecoriders for the bicycle riders( Ratheesh Menon helped me to make this club)
  • Bikers for the motor cycle riders 
  • Parents club (Mukesh Rijhwani helped me to make this) 
  • Logica Trekking club (Bharani implemented this idea) 
  • QuizPeople(Sulfy Salim brought the idea and helped to make it)
It would not have been possible with out the support of Nandakumar, the president of Syntillations and Santhosh Kumar