Thursday, 29 September 2011

I am sorry

It was a hot Friday morning. Right in front of Electronic city Wipro office, there is one famous tender coconut shop. This is the nearest tender coconut shop to my home and is near to the bus stop from where I get bus to office. I reached there and asked for one and was waiting for my turn. I saw an old lady. She was holding the hand of those who passes near her and pleading. Some gave her money some scolded her and some just walked away. She was wearing a dirty torn dress and would be some were in late eighties.
While I was watching this the tender coconut guy gave me one. I turned to him and got the coconut and started drinking. After taking the first sip, I felt some one holding my hand. To my surprise it was the same lady. She was telling something to me in Kannada in a low voice. I reached my pocket and took a two rupee coin and gave it to her. She refused and told me something again. I asked one of those who were standing next to me to ask her what she wants. He asked her in Kannada. He told me that she is speaking some old Kannada which he is not sure about and told me that she is asking for a coconut. I asked the shopkeeper to make one for her too. He gave me one which I gave it to her. She touched and rejected it. I was in a hurry because my bus would reach there any time. However I got another person and asked him to enquire what she wants. He asked her in Kannada and took her to the side of the road and made her to sit. He came back to me and said, "She is not a beggar, she was just asking to take her to the side of the road so that she can sit down, she is a blind".
It touched my heart. I felt so sad. An old, blind, helpless, lady was pleading to just help her to the side of the road. We did not even do that. I would plea to my nation to please take care of our elders. I would not mind if the government takes flat 30% tax from my income but please make sure that the elders are treated well. They all have contributed enough to bring up our nation to what it is now. Remember all of us are getting old every day. And all those who stop you wearing dirty clothes on the road are not beggars. Listen to them also.
NB: The picture of the lady in this blog is not the real lady I wrote about. I got this picture from internet.

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