Thursday, 29 September 2011

Claire made it clear to me

A few days before Lohaan, my boy, who is just 3 months now, was crying loud. I heard my wife who was in the kitchen telling Claire, my daughter, to attend. She ran to him and on the way she said that he wants amma to be with him and that is why he is crying. We both thought that she would go to him and just talk. All of a sudden to our surprise he stopped crying. Out of curiosity, we both reached to see what happened. TO our surprise we noticed that Claire was sitting next to him and her thump is in his mouth. Seeing us she again said "He wants amma to be with him". We have been trying to stop Claire sucking her thump. And a few months before while visiting the hospital, I told the doctor that she is still sucking the thump. To which the doctor just asked her not to do so. She did not like me telling this to her doctor and decided not to do so. I did not know she could be so determined. The power of her will was so clear that day night. I saw her holding her thump with the other hand while she was sleeping. From that day she stopped it. But from this incident she brought it to light that why she was doing so. I then remembered that I have read this some were that children suck their thump when they feel lonely and unsecured. Definitely it is not her mistake. It was we parents who should have not let her feel so.


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