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Kojomojo Kaakipil 2nd place in Master Chef

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Kojomojo Kaakipil 2nd place in Master Chef

It was a fun full event cooking in Logica. Our team "Spicy Sauna" got second place. Thanks to Syntillations.
The team was Raju, Rajesh, Nagi, Sreenivasulu and Me. Though this was the team registered there were many others who helped us.
We got vessels from Tharangini, we got tissues from Sudheer Bhusani, and all our team mates were there encouraging us all the time.
One of the three dishes was a salad "Kojomojo-Kaakipil". We decorated and kept half of the prepared dish for the judges to judge and the other we kept it for people to taste. Many of our friends and colleagues tasted it and gave nice comment. Then I thought that I should publish the recipe. And there it is.
Sweet Potato - 50 gms
Apple - 1
Corn - 50 gms
Pineapple - 2 slice
Fresh cream - 100 ml
Mayonnaise- 100 gms
White pepper - one teaspoon
Lemon juice – 2 medium lemon
Peel Sweet potato and make it to round slices. Make small square pieces.
Peel pineapple and carve away the dry sports from the peeled pineapple. Slice it in round pieces and then make triangular pieces out of it.
Cut apple in to two half slice them to make rectangular pieces.
Pluck out corn seeds.
Squice lemon and keep the juice separately.
Take the sweet potato pieces in to a bowl add some water and salt. Microwave it for 4 minutes.
Pour off extra water and keep it in a separate bowl.
Take Apple, Pineapple and Corn in a Microwave safe Bowl, add some water and salt and microwave it for 3.5 minutes. Drain the water and shift it to a bowl
Add fresh cream add white pepper, salt, lemon juice and mayonnaise and mix it slowly without meshing the fruits.
And serve.
I will get the recipe of Raju's Chicken Signature and Rajesh's Bread Dessert which were the other two dishes which made the team to rank 2 in the competition and post it soon.
A great congratulations to all the people who participated.

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