Monday, 25 November 2013

CGI Weds Logica

When the shareholders, management, and customers are all getting prepared for the all cash acquisition of Logica by CGI, it is important that we employees also get prepared. A great excitement is there in each one of us. Yesterday when I was thinking about this, I got a beautiful composition of the process with arranged marriage which happens in India.
Wedding, be it in India, America or England, or where so ever it is, marks the most important event in the life of a person, when leaving behind the single life and getting ready to share each and every thing with the partner. However, the style in which it is conducted differs in each of these places. Talking about India, it is the biggest event in a girl's life. It is not only an event which brings together both bride and the groom. But it is
two different families which come together.
When we talk about arranged marriage in India, both bride and the groom, who never knew each other gets proposed by the elders in the family and makes the desertion to get them married. In most of the cases, both the family are strangers to each other. The culture differs in the homes. But yes there would be something is common which would have helped them to make the proposal. There would be people who know both of them. Elders in the family talk to each other's regarding the proposal. There will be many such proposals from many families. They enquire to advisors and friends to know more about each other's; they match their horoscope, and will conclude on the best match. Once finalised with the matchmaking first of all we will have an engagement.
Once the wedding is over, the grooms' relatives become bride's relatives, and bride's relatives become his relatives. Each other's relatives start to have faith in each other, and maintain good relationship. It brings two families, villages together.
For a bride there is so much to prepare. She is going to be in a whole new world. The day from which she gets married her last name changes to her husband's. She is from then identified as the member of the new family. Her interests are the interest of the new family. She will have all the rights in the new family and is one of them.
She will have to understand and follow the culture and traditions of the new family. She should also take the good things that she has been following and would bring those to the new family making it still better. She is considered as one important person in that family who respects and is respected by other family members.
The bride, Logica is going to CGI and so we have to prepare ourselves to be a part of the company. Tomorrow it is CGI which is our company and it would be new people all around, new management, new rules, new culture, etc. We need to take all the good things we have in here to make our new company to greater heights. Like the relatives of the bride and the groom, both our clients will be known to each other because of us. Let us prepare ourselves and make sure that our Sasural (the family to which you are married to) is full of happiness; let our contribution make the new company to grow to greater heights.
Like the bride gets herself prepared, to give the best in her new home, let us all get prepared and be proud to be part of the new company. Let us make sure we continue to give our best to make it big success.

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