Monday, 25 November 2013

Why do we have girls in Dad’s office?

The influence of media on the society is incredible. When I reach home in the evening there is a Tamil serial which will be playing in the television "Thirumathi Selvam". The story is about a mechanic turned in to a rich car dealer. The hero of the story was good to his wife when he was a mechanic. As he turns to a rich man, he also gets involved in an affair with a lady in his office.

A few days before I was browsing through comments in Facebook pictures and my child, Claire was leaning on me watching me browsing. I saw some of the pictures of celebrations in office. I called my wife to show her some of the interesting recent pictures. Suddenly Claire turned to my wife and asked, "Ma, why do we have girls in dad's office?" She continued, "We should ask them to come to your office".
We did not take it seriously. After a while when we were seeing the pictures of her school, I said, "See you have boys in your class, will ask them to go to your younger brothers class". To which she suddenly stated, "They are all small boys, there isn't any problem."
Both I and my wife were shocked to hear this from her. Then my wife asked her "Claire, what is the problem if there are girls in dad's office?" She said, "It is not good, that's all".
Being a member of the Great Parents Club (GPC) in Logica, I feel that this is something which is to be thought with great seriousness from the subject I just realised. At home we need to realise that the next generation is much faster than what we are. In our childhood, we had to search for information. We had to listen to some one speak, read books, read newspaper etc. First, we had to search for the source of information. And most of the time if we get an information, it was true. It was only important to make sure that the parents and teachers teach them morality. As these two were the main sources of authentic information. Now it is all around them. Information is around them and they automatically gets influenced to the way it is projected to them. And media plays a major role.
A nice generation if we want to present to the society, it is important that we talk to our children on all the subjects and clarify them in a very early stages.

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