Monday, 25 November 2013

There is no cholesterol in vegetable oils

I happened to see the video of a class Dr. N Gopalakrishnan a scientist and Hon. Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, having M.Sc. (Pharm. Chem); M.Sc. (Appl. Chem); M.A. (Soc.); Ph.D (Bio); D.Lit
I thought it is very important for most of us to know this, so hear it is what he said : Remember there is no cholesterol in any vegetable oil. None of the vegetable products including palm oil does not have cholesterol. Cholesterol is there only in animal based products. It is there in butter, Ghee, egg, Meat, fish etc. Our body needs 950 mil cholesterol each day. Cholesterol is not a poisonous material. 950 mg cholesterol is required for our body, which our body produces. If one egg is consumed 60 mg of cholesterol is made in the body. Similarly, when chicken, mutton, beef, etc are consumed it increases with respect to it.
Specialty of cholesterol is that, our body knows how to make it but does not know how to decompose it. Remember, body know to produce cholesterol, body does not decompose cholesterol. Alternately it uses these cholesterol and convert it to lipo-protein to make skin and membrane, and that is the only thing body does.
In Denmark 1945-46, when heart of the war prisoners was opened the It was found that huge amount of cholesterol was there in the fat inside the heart. From that day, it made to think that that cholesterol is a reason for heart attack. Then there was so many changes later. You would have heard about HDL and LDL which is there inside this. I believe that you would have heard about it. Could be a misunderstanding, no worries.
Low density Lipo protein, LDL. 0.94 gram per cc. Very High density Lipo protein, VHDL 1.2 gram per cc. In between these you have High density Lipo protein HDL.
LDL is produced when cholesterol and fatty acids which has got 18 carbon join together and makes ester, this joins with protein and then goes through phosphate. Then LDL and HDL is produced.
In this if Saturated Fat is what has come, then density of lipo protein will be less. Melting point will be 40, 41, 42 degree for different fats.
What is the body temperature? 37.3 degree. So melting point of fat is 40-42 and body temperature is 37.3. What will be the state of the fat in the blood? Solid/ globule will be the state.
This will go somewhere and create a block. For this reason, gingili oil is the best oil for body. The whole of it is omega 3 poly unsaturated fatty acid and because it's melting point is less than 9 degree.
For that reason, 40 grams of fat with unsaturated fatty acid is required for our body each day.
We doctors frighten saying that you need to avoid fat, but yes should avoid chips sort of things. Reason being oil is heated up to 167 to 170 degree before frying. When this is mixed with water and salt, peroxides and hydro-peroxides. It is sure that this will make cancer. That is why, the thing which can have more probability of having peroxides and hydro-peroxides, have you heard of fried oil? What do you call the oil which is once used for frying? You use the same oil for frying for five days. Keep it for two days. Take two grams of it and feed a chicken. Within five minutes chicken will be dead. Reason peroxides. Peroxides and hydro-peroxides are what that would be there in this. So without knowing unsaturated and saturated fatty acid, we frighten patients many times.
Butter has got so much of cholesterol. Butter is not a vegetarian product. So do ghee has got so much of cholesterol. Because ghee is made out of butter.
The reason why I talk with this confidence is that my PhD is in lipid Chemistry. My doctorate is in Lipd Bio Chemistry. I worked inside and outside India in the same field.
I am telling you one more thing. 60% of the diseases can be cured only with hydro therapy. What is hydro therapy? Get up in the morning and drink 4 glass of water. That's it. Nothing more. The 6.25 liter of blood which is there inside our body is uncommonly polluted. Blood in the body is like stagnant water. Have you found any way to purify it? You could clean your outside body using different soaps. What to do inside? How will you clean inside? Drink enough water that is the solution.

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