Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is Vladimir Putin The Richest Politician? Russia?

 A recent study came up and said that Vladimir Putin is the richest politician in the world. It is said that "Putin's personal fortune" on Google, and you'll find estimates of between $40 billion and $70 billion. He is not just rich, He is one of the healthiest politicians too. Do not mess with him.

It could be also possible that he has shown all his wealth. There are many politicians around us who we have heard having so much money either in their names or they have someone else who keeps their money.
We only notice those politicians who are in limelight, why don’t we look at some others too. Some one who is in politics for more than 70 years.

Russia? May be I do not know but we also have to check for other countries. India could be one of it.

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