Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Difference in the way we think reflects even in machine.

I got a mail about Google India and Google. It was a surprise for me when I crosschecked it.

The test is very simple. Before you perform the test let me tell you a bit about Google. is used in the united states and could also be accessed by others. But is only accessible from India. Go to and type the word removing in the search box. Notice the options it is giving in the drop down. If you can not get, and if it is redirecting to, you can use the google search box if you have one in the menu bar. When I typed the below is what I got.

Now go to and type removing. And for this what I got is the below. You could test it your own system.

Surprised? Google gives you option from the history of use. Now you understand what people of India are after. And

still we call ourselves culturally rich. And the so called culturally rich people feel bad about the culturally poor western culture.

And there is no better proof than this.


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  2. I did not get you Jo, you mean to say it displays the hint based on

    1. Users History & catch
    2. Based on number on people from that particular country searching for what??

    Because when I tried to search, it displayed the result hint for the items what I was looking since month like removing "SQL" removing duplicacy in excel, removing contact lense.

    When I tried to logout of from my account and tried to search, then the result was different.

    I tried with

    the results were almost same when logged in with my account and without my account!!

    Kindly clarify what you meant here???