Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Claire and I

My child, Claire is one year old now. She started crying in the nights. Not sure why she is crying. She never cried in nights until she started going to the crush. Is that she is feeling unsecured? Is that she wants to tell us some thing. I bath her every day. Some day while taking bath, she cries. I would console her when she cries and then make her sit inside the bucket. This makes her happy and she would stop crying and start laughing.
I have bought a bicycle and am going to office in it. It is 18 kilometers from my house to office. Yesterday by 5:30 in the evening, I got a call from Ahilaa, my wife,. She said that the lady in the crush called her just now and informed her that, “Claire is suffering from high fever and should be taken home and it scaled 105 degree now”. She continued,” I’m going to pick her up from the crush, would you please start now itself”? I informed my colleague that I am leaving a little early, and started to cycle back home. On the way Ahilaa called me and asked me to get Crosin syrup for the child. I picked up the syrup form one of the medical shop on the way home. Once reached home she was already feeling better.
Next day morning that it today, she got up crying. I tried to console her, in vain. Ahilaa got her from me and convinced her, and she stopped crying. And it was time for me to bath her. I took her to the bathroom, where she started crying again. I was losing my temper. I shouted at her, which actually worsen the cry. I was getting highly disturbed. I beat her with my hands on her buttocks. It was not hard, but this again worsens the situation. Now it was Ahilaa’s turn to get her from me to wipe her, apply cream on her and to dress her up. Now I saw that Ahilaa was not in a good mood. When I asked her, she said that it was not good to beat her as; we are not sure why she is crying. All this time Claire was crying.
Once she dressed her completely I took her from Ahilaa’s hand. I was now in a good mood and was talking to her. To which she stopped crying and started laughing. Now I understood why she was crying and what she wants. She just wanted to be with me and wanted me to talk to her. I felt bad for what I did, but there is no way back.
Every day my child teaches me a new lesson.

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