Monday, 7 June 2010

Turn off the engine” at the signals

We eight employees from Logica with the permission of Bangalore Police reached MG road on 5th Jun. It was the world Environment Day. We stood at the signal. When the signal turned red, we walked around the vehicles displaying a placard which read “Turn off the engine” . 30 % of the people were already doing it. 5% of them told us, sorry if I switch it off, it might not start. But the rest of the 65% of the people turned off the engine and gave a smile back. Many of them rolled down the window glass and said thanks. Most of them showed thumps up. Some of them took pictures. And a few congratulated and asked the details.

According to the local seller on the signal, normally it was hard to go in-between the vehicles because of the smoke and the sound and Today it is good. He said normally he gets tired and take rest after an hours business. But today even after 2 hours of selling he did not take any break.

There was a local news channel who came across and talked to us on the initiative. I was also called from Radio One and made me the warrior of Environments day.

To my right it is Santhosh, left Vinutha Abdul, Venu, Bhupinder, Sachindra, and Thilak, And Swami took this picture.

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