Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Believe in the company

When I joined Logica, I joined along with other 130 graduates. Since it was a bulk recruitment Logica gave equal salary to everyone in the batch. Soon after the training, I got a job in GTBPC. For a product called uOne. At this time Prabodh Sirur who was with GTBPC was chosen as compensation review head. And this was the time of compensation review. One fine day there was a mail from Sushil Tayal the HR director notifying about the compensation review. In the email it was also mentioned that the people who joined after October 25, are not eligible for the appraisal. This was a sad news for us because. All of us joined on Oct 27th and 29th. Our salary was comparatively very low and if there is no appraisal happened that year we had to work in the company for another one year with the same salary, which was a real challenge for us. We had five batches, UNICORN, ANTS,CYBORGS, LOGIBEANS and NETACERS. One Unix batch, two java batch and two Microsoft technology batch. We were all in dilemma. We representatives from each batch go together to discuss on what to do. I and Pratik Roy from Unicorn, Vinup and Sachin from Ants, Dinesh from netacers and someone from cyborgue. We finally came to a conclusion that we need to talk to Prabodh about our concern.

We send him a mail and requested for an appointment. He immediately agreed and agreed to meet us in a meeting room the same day. We discussed with him about our concern. He told lot of things and at last he said. I cannot commit on anything as the decisions are already taken by the HR director, you believe in the company and the company will take care of you. We were not satisfied with the answers which he has given. But all of us, the representatives of each batch took the word very seriously, at least I took it seriously and convinced my colleagues with what he said “Believe in the company”. After a month it was the appraisal and there was an equal salary hike to everyone in the batch. From then whenever I think about the salary, I remember what he said. “Believe in the company”. Even after years in the company when we batch mates meet and if the topic turns to appraisal, we still say “believe in the company”. And still doing it.

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