Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nandakumar Kirupanandam

It is hard to find good leaders in the corporate word. It is only managers all around. Even if you see leader in the office, he would be leading a team as part of his job. And the real end factor of the Job is to have one nice profit building group. But I have seen a nice leader after long. He is one simple leader who get's involved in all the activities, even the simplest of all the activities in Syntillations. People love him for many reasons. One is the simplicity he has got and then it is the belief that he keeps towards himself, to the nation, to those who work with him.
He've been the president of Syntillations where I am one of the SIG(Special Interest Group Adminis). Any of the activity Syntillations is doing, he is a part of it. He also tries to keep the people together. Without any dispute.

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