Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Social Service is it done in the right way?

In my view social service ambassadors /CSR of a company should not be doing social service by going to some school and giving them books or food with by the money of the employees

They should ideally make sure that the employees of the company becomes socially responsible. It is important to bring the awareness to the employees of being a socially responsible person.

When you unnecessarily help a child you are making him feel comfortable and making him a lazy person who expects only from the society and never contributes to the society. You by helping a child by providing him food would be also pampering his father and making him feel comfortable enough to drink alcohol for another 30 rupees for the day.
It is easy to collect some fund from the employees and from the corporate on the reason of CSR and then you could also make sure that many of the schools are given enough food and books. It is also possible to make sure that you give the money and someone plants a tree for you somewhere. But how does it actually impact the employees of the company. They are still socially irresponsible.

It is more important to educate our people to help the society to be a better one.

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