Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dry Triangle in the center of South India.

I am getting a little worried about the dry triangle that I have been noticing in the center of south India. This is called as a rain shadow region.
Earth always attracted me, also the maps and map reading from my child hood. I remember the interest I have shown in map reading as a Scout and as an NCC cadet.

I have been watching Google Earth and Wikimapia from the time it was introduced. I spend time in adding polygons and adding names in Wikimedia. Helping the world to get a clearer picture of the world. A dry triangle formation in the center of the southern part of India is getting highly visible. This is disturbing me on the thought of the future of Bangalore.
This triangle is getting prominent and browner in color. The green in this area is all getting vanished. And it is spreading towards the sides of the triangle. You can also notice that the rain water harvesting initiative which was taken forward by Jayalalitha, CM of Tamil Nadu has increased the green colour in Tamil Nadu. Then best way to see this is to download Google earth and see the history pages. you would be surprised to see the colour from green moving to brown in many of the areas.


  1. I definitely agree to this and vouch for it. This really shows what is happening literally in terms of going green in this part of the world. Everywhere there is only go green, eat green, think green, do green etc..But i really don't see anything happening-all talk, no real action! And Bangalore comes in here!!
    God save the loud-mouthed pretenders and the brown area..

    1. Yes Ratheesh. This is true, I too agree to what you said. Go Green is only in words.