Monday, 14 June 2010

Claire's Prayer

My eighteen months old child is going to a child care center called Juzzkids near electronic city, as both her parents are working. I am sure that she is losing a lot as a child, while my mother was always with me until I went to school after I turned five. Claire is a fast learner and observers everything happening around her. A few days ago we saw her standing keeping her hands clasped under her chin and saying something. We did not care about this initially. But when this happened again. We tried to understand what she was doing. From her school we came to know that they pray before going to sleep. And this is what she was doing at home. While praying they insist every one to stand. Next day at home we were all laying on the bed getting ready to sleep. Just to tease my child I said “Prayers”. She suddenly got up, stood on her feet and clasped her palms and started to chant. Suddenly she noticed that I was still laying on the bed. This was something against the rule for her. She stopped and looked at me embarrassingly. She waved her head sidewise and continually said “Enni, Enni…” (Enikku, Enthiri ) which means get up. I got up and sat on the bed. And acted as if I too was praying. She was not satisfied. She stopped for a while and started saying the same again. I tried to kneel down. She kept on rolling her head and asking me to get up until I got up completely on my feet. Without saying anything she started chanting her prayers. Once she finished, she lay down to sleep.

A simple thing taught in school, if can influence an eighteen month old child, what are the possibility of a school.

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