Tuesday, 25 January 2011

GBS Bindra, a spark to our organisation

It’s been more than five years I have been working in this company. Most of the people who joined with me left the company. When one of my old friends asks me why I am not moving out of Logica I said “Where else would I get a chance to sit diagonally opposite to the Global Innovation Director of the company?” Even if it was a joke, I personally feel that the guys working in PE would definitely have a private pride of working for GBS. There would be thousand of things that anyone would have to say about him on his achievements, I am writing on the different face of the person which most of us would have noticed. There are many people who joined Telecoms for the reason that they needs to work with GBS. One of my coleague once told me that she and her friends did not even knew that there is a company called Logica, but after hearing the speech of GBS, they all decided to join Loiga. Well I do not know the authenticity of what it is been told but yes, He is a good speaker too. His speaches are very inspirational and also informative. When I joined, I have got many chance to hear him talking, one thing I noticed is that he speaks like an Australian in the morning and towards the noon he starts speaking like a British. Late in the evening he speaks like an American. His accent is different each time you see him talking. Later I myself concluded that the reason would be that he would have been in meetings with the people of these respective region of the world. Not sure though. For the people who work for him he acts as a WALL, like any ball that comes to the wicket Rahul Dravid defend its. And how ever fast the ball comes it turns to a zero speed with his touch. Having said about cricket. He is known to be a person who is always updated. On anything that you talk to him he seems to have a still new information on it. While having a coffee with Asit Mishra, last day, I heard him wondering about the same thing. You walk from your desk to his, watching Tendulkar hitting a six to century, and tell him that Tendulkar has done with his next one day century. And he would say, “Yes, but then he is also out”. He is so updated on anything that you talk to him and you wonder how. He is one such person I have noticed who should need more time a day. We would never see him wasting time on anything. Even while he walk, you would see him checking the mails in his blackberry. No wonder he became the Global Director of Innovation at Logica, where he is responsible for driving company’s innovations and works closely with the executive committee to align these initiatives with Logica’s strategic goals.  I have read some were that prior joining Logica he was brought in to lead R&D in India at Ariba after the dotcom downturn, which leverage innovation to fuel growth. Puncom become official IT service provider to create and manage an IT and communications system for the ICC World Cup of Cricket in 1996 in most of the areas of the Indian subcontinent, under his leadrship. The name GBS Bindra itself is an innovative spark to our organisation. To me, yes,  he is one of the inspiration in the current world.

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