Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Loving letters to Claire

Few days from, my child Claire was born, I send a mail to my friends about the happy news. To make a difference I wrote the mail as if she herself was writing to them. Hello Uncle /Aunty

But I wondered when I go t reply from some of them. Some of them responded to her itself. This was a wonderful feeling. I would keep all those letters safe as these are the first letters which was written ever for her.
This is what I wrote

I’m sending you one of the pictures that my father has taken soon after my birth.
Both me and my mother are doing fine. I’m a nice girl, I cry only when I’m hungry. So please bless me
Please do remember my birthday to send me birthday wishes every year. I was born on 22nd Nov 2008. (22-11-08), It’s a nice number to remember isn’t it?

With love

To which she got replays like this

From: Nayak, ChittaRanjan
Surly My Cuteeeeee

From: Pratik Roy
Hello Claire,
Of course baby... We'll surely remember u n ur birthday sweetheart...
N tell ur father that Pratik uncle has told that u'll be a genius.. cos he learned to send mail only after clearing his degree... but u.. hats off :)...
By the way... u r looking veryyyyyy pretty ... Hope to meet u soon...
N tell ur papa and mumma to take care of u... and not to scare u with his powerful voice :)..
and throw us a grand party soon...
cheers ( U can use a glass of milk for that)
Pratik Uncle :)

From: Gurav, Chidanand
Belated happy birthday to the angel!!!
By seeing at you, feels like you are the precious child on the earth….
All the best complements and lots of love to you….
With Loads of love
Chidanand & Tejashri

From: Sujit Banerjee
Hi Claire,
Nice meeting you...........welcome to the earth............
You got nicest parents..that u'll understand gradually....
Wish you all the very best to you and to your parents.........
Say your papa and mom...CONGRATS...once again...
Will remember your birthday and send wishes every year............
Be happy always like your papa..............
With Love,
Sujit Uncle

From: Balakrishnan, Tharangini
To my dearest Claire,
U r luking very pretty, May the lord shower his blessings upon u…convey my regards to mom too 
Ur bday wud b definitely remembered by me, as mine is on 24th,Nov …every year wishes wud definitely flow to u

From: Roy, Rinky
Surely baby....please aunty mat kaho na ;)

From: Shivappayyanamath, Sujatha
God bless you.

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