Monday, 6 December 2010

OBL feedback @ value lanes

Most of the people had a very pleasant experience with the out bound learning (OBL) conducted individuals have felt that there is no replacement for such programs because of the output they have in their own professional life and in the team. It was full of enjoyment and fun we had there and it was too late when we realized that we have learned lots of things.

Most of us felt that the learning was more stable throughout the programs where we got involved and self realization learning curve was high which we realized after all the fun we had.
o Highest weightage is on the realization that the contribution of each individual is important in the team.
o The teamwork would make things simpler and understanding other team members and accepting them as they are is another learning.
o the practices that need to be followed to come up as a team and deliver the quality output on time. The individual effort that we need to put in for that by being a good team player, proactive, good listener, owning up individual responsibilities, committed towards the project and the work you do.
o The importance of proactive planning before execution of the task and understanding the work up to lower level of granularity which is being supposed to done, can help you to get a quality work on time.
o To follow a process which is already proven and to Learn from past experiences helps in avoiding mistakes. At the same time if there is enough time to do an experiment think out of the box and look for alternate ways.
o How so ever confident we are in the process that we follow it is better to have an alternate way as a backup plan .
o Be transparent to both the ends so that it is easy for them also to have alternate plans and advises
o In critical situations have patience and do not panic, blame but help each others to handle the stress.
o To know each other and to build up a better relationship with each members, understanding the strengths of the individuals at some time also to evaluate some of the members.
o It was brought to light that how some one can be responsible when a responsibility is given, and how he can lead others too.
o A self realization on the weakness and the strengths is an added learning. The importance of asking for help when needed and proactively giving when you realize another needs is a great culture in building a confident and strong team which increases the bounding between the team members.
o The most amazing learning is the knowledge of understanding that how much faith and confidence another person has kept on yourself.
o Listen to others, do not interrupt them and once done provide your open comments. Do not comment for the reason to comment. Give ideas and guide the team if you think you can

The Good Points which we got from the OBL should certainly be taken in to the daily work and the action needs to be taken to improve further
o We were Excellent as a team and should not allow any situation to spoil the team sprit we have. We were open in helping each other this needs to be improved within the team members.
o Better the relationship is the stronger the team is and also the quality of the delivery. This also helped in the personal and professional growth of each individual.
o The opportunity given to take the responsibility was openly taken, which should be improved and there needs to be more and more opportunity and responsibility given to the team.
o One of the greatest strengths we carries was that most of us did not had egos, this needs to be carried forward in the team so that the openness and success follows.
o Smaller or bigger, good or bad the feedback given to on time, helped people to analyze their own experience/faults, giving better results in future.
o Understanding of individuals strength, interest and specialization helped in a better planning this could be taken in real life where they would be doing things of their interest than a job which is assigned.
o If you feel that there is a problem in the system show it then and there and start the process then. Once the process is started we need to agree to the common goal and should not be taking a step back. This could lead to a complete collapsing of the system.
o We have shown great degree of dedication, team work in performing on the job this needs to be brought to the daily work. Show your complete skill/talent. Don’t wait until someone points that.

Most of us felt that there are also some area for improvements this need to be considered and action on these needs to be taken to make the team a better one.
o Building up the personal willingness in giving more importance to the quality of work delivered. It needs to be every individuals responsibility to understand and follow the quality processes.
o Time Estimation is one of the areas which we need to work on. Dividing the tasks and getting individuals involved in understanding from everyone on their task is important. Should not estimate for someone else as he is the one who supposed to do it.
o We have a good knowledge as a individual but not as a team we should have a right way of knowledge sharing to build a strong team. This is possible with improving communication system within team, and discussions on the projects to other team members and to the people who are handling other projects. There could be some person in the team who has done it before or is an expert in the area.
o Losing the temper when you see someone doing things which is in an unexpected way for you is to be reduced. Every individual needs to accept the other person as he is and needs to practice to keep this work. This could be also improved with a better communication and being open to each other. Be true to yourself and be open.
o Patience, if something is not going right, have patience and think for an alternative. Don’t try to deliver it in hurry.
o An analysis on “why such great dedication by each person” is important. It was more of proving themselves when given a task. There comes the responsibility and the willingness to dedicate every individual to the final goal which is the completion of the task as a team. Never give up, an attitude coupled with more planning and co-ordination could help make the job successful

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