Monday, 29 November 2010

To make you go slow I break your spine

40 humps in 6 kilometers. Yes I am talking about the Harlur road which connects Hosur Road Near Singasandra to Sarjapur road near the outer ring road. Most of the humps in this road are illegal ones and are against the standards. Most of the cars will have to scratch its bottom on most of the humps. It is also called as a spine breaker by the medical experts. As per them. It is a big danger to the motorcyclists.
The actual speed breaker needs to be constructed only with the following specification.

Most importantly a driver needs to be notified that there is a speed breaker on the way with a signal and also by differentiating it with a different colors. There is a lot of accidents happening in this road when people tries to avoid speed breakers and move through the sides of it. Some department felt that there needs to be some action that needs to be taken and have drawn yellow zebra crossing. On all the humps.

It says something like this to me. You go fast and break your head, to make you go slow I break your spine. Choice is yours.

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