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An year full of fun and learning through Syntillations.

Election rolled out for Syntillations, the club of employees, last year and I nominated myself as a Special Interest Group Administrator(SIG). Kasibatla Bala approached me and said that there is a team which we are forming and if you would like to join in the group. I met the team and though that yes, I would go for itThe election result was declared. Unfortunately Kasibatla Bala did not make it, rest of all the candidates from our group won. I was the first one to be declared won in the election result announcement.

Nandu –President. . I was also approached by Benson and said that Reddy has also made a group and why don’t you join in his group. I said that I have already joined a group. Reddy is from PE-TP, the department I belong to. So even though I went for canvassing with Nandu’s team I voted for Reddy.
Nandu was  the appropriate person to hold the post of the president. He is social dedicated , true and faithful.  Without he being the president for this team there would have been many disputes. It was also not possible to handle so many things. He personally involved in each and every event happened in different departments.
Jagadeesan VP, was happy as this was the first functional Syntillations management committee formed in Chennai. He took care of the complete Chennai Syntillations activities and justified his role he has taken.
Sudheer – Tressure. We were together in the same project for the last five years. It was for him I filled the survey for the Syntillations elections, Since I could not nominate another person, he had to do it from his own PC. Since the survey was opened I nominated myself. He initially was planning to contest  in the election as the president. I told him to contest as the treasurer. He was the only one from Bangalore who stood for this post which is common for both the locations. He was so responsible for the last one year and spend money as if he is spending his own money. Many of the syntillations members had fought with him for not releasing funds on time. His theory is that if you release fund easily they will not spend smartly. He will also follow you until you claim for the funds that you have taken. Such a true person to handle fund. Without he taking care of the funds our team would not have done with these many events.
SIG – Me, Santhosh from Bangalore and Naarayan and Barani from Chennai
Santhosh was my partner in the canvassing as a Special Interest Group Administrator. One day one of my friends told me that there is another SIG candidate Ajay who approached her and asked vote. She said that she told him a big no and said that I need to vote for Joe. When said that there are two votes for SIG. She refused saying that I would only vote once because it gives more weight to Joe. Till them I had not thought of doing single vote. As Adam got the idea of eating the forbidden fruit from Eve, I too got this idea. Hence I did not vote for Santhosh, which I later regretted for. Not only that I have also told one of my colleague to vote only for me. Santhosh had given a right kind of support through out. He was also interested in the social service. Naarayan was another important person in the group who corrected the mistakes and also points out the mistakes with out fail. He is so talented and was an overall contributor in the group. Barani helped Naarayan in the SIG activities and made the clubs in Chennai. When it was taking time in making trekking club in Bangalore he went ahead and started it in Chennai. He was also behind the group 24 frames in Chennai.

Social Service - Niraagulan and Vinutha from Bangalore, Jigassa from Chennai
Social service is one of the most projected side of Syntillations to the rest of Logica. Niraagulan is the person who have contributed in all the departments of Syntillations. There would not be any member in the group who would have not got his help. His expertness in the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Service helped Syntillations to make a beautiful portal. I learned sharepoint with his support while creating the sites of SIG. He is a people’s person and would wanted to be with people. His help and contribution has played an important role in making many of the events successful. His group of friends who were the volunteers for most of the events played the role dedicatedly because of him for the smooth run of the programs. With out them it would not have reached people and also would not have the fresh and young feel. Some of them have got elected themselves to the new Syntillations team this year, and this too is because of Niraagulan. Syntillations helped him in his transformation to a responsible, matured man.
Vinutha is a strongly dedicated girl who would proactively follow up things what ever she does. One of the favorite team member of Nandu. Once she takes the responsibility in doing some thing then she takes the complete ownership. But she would also expect people not to interfere in her activities. She has justified her role as a social service ambassador. She was behind all the social service activities happened in Bangalore. Not only that she had done most of the things but also helped the CSR team of the company to project it to the rest of the Logica. She and Santhosh goes to a blind school and spend time with the people there.
Talent Managers- Thilak and Punitham from Bangalore, Santhosh from Chennai
Thilak is the person behind the curtain most of the big functions that happened. His dreams are big. His knowledge in the Light and sound, and his experience in the event management helped us in doing things easier. His connections in the event management world helped us to get things cheaper. Oscars, Malgudi days were all his dreams. Punitham was more on to the talent hunt in the company.
Sports Ambassidors – Venu and Alex from Bangalore, Beski and Raja from Chennai.
Venu is a nice friend and always supported me in many of my activities. His idea of bringing fitness to the employees, has brought many gyms and fitness centers to people. His different approach of bringing a festival of fitness for the whole week was one of his great successes. Even though I formed a club under SIG for runners, it was he who handled it. He is also a people’s person who has got lot of friends around him. One great quality in him which I noticed is that he never forgets to appreciate.
Alex is a celebrity in the company as he is the person who drives the cricket team. He is one such person who I have seen who is a complete sports person. He is also daring in giving he opinion to anyone. A nice person who loves people and loves the God.
Team was very nice.

I had a big challenge in front of me there was no trail left by my predecessors.
First I decided to spend some time on what all to do with the help of Niraagulan, I learned how to make use of sharepoint.
I made some clubs and was searching for the right people to administrate the club.

Wheels, a blog for the people who love there cars. Sony and Vinu took charge of the club.  This is one of the top 30 blogs in the whole of logica now. It brought free emission test once.
Bikers, a club for motorcyclists, Josin and Aby  administrated the club. Josin took charge of the club and administrated the club he have also made many posts and tips in the club for the encouragement of the members.
Runners., a club for runners it started with midnight marathon and have participated in may marathons Athreia and Reshmi are the Administrators of the club. They not only administrate but also goes for most of the runs in Bangalore.
Ecoriders, this is one of the favorite of my clubs because of the way it is administrated. Ratheesh Menon, a nice adventurous person who has got the fire in him. He not only helped me in making the club but also made me to buy one bicycle. We went for some rides in the Saturdays. He with the help of Mayank organized a workshop for the bicyclers. Took a group of 10 to Wayanad for a two day bicycling with the help of muddy boots. The club is very active and has got lot of members in it.  
Logowood/ 24 Frames:- this club is for the people who like movies this is later renamed to 24 frames. Barani added lot more to it. When Thilak’s dream came true there are now some 10 movies made by the Logica employees in the library. Raju is the administrator of the club.
Quiz people One day Sulfy called me and asked if I could help in forming a nice quiz team in logica through Syntillations. Hence the Quiz team was made. A very talented group of people. Soni and Vivek are the other administrators along with Sulfy in the club. Through this club teams were found to represent Logica in some of the corporate quiz championships. One day I and Nandu approached GBS Bindra, the global innovation director on his view on the club. He agreed to sponsor an ever rolling trophy in his name. It is called Inquizzit. I and Nandu spend around 6 hours in a shop to make the trophy. They have conducted many competitions in the company. The latest of there quiz master is Mustafa, a person who led Tostmasters in logica for many years.
Photologic It already existed in logica but was not with syntillations. Murthi and Krishna both of them have already brought this club to a certain height with around 400 people in the group. We approached them and asked them to come under the umbrella of Syntillations. They were happy on the way I convinced them with the proposals. The club has monthly competitions. There is also a forum where we could post pictures and some one would give feedback on it. Murthy brough his friend Kalyan Verma from National Geographic to take a session which was highly informative.
Trekking Even though this club was made there were lot of hiccups in starting the activity because we could not find right people for administrating the club. Then santhosh took the responsibility and facilitated few trekking. We have also found two young people as the administrators of the club.
Great Patents Club. One of the most beautiful club, We had the idea of making this but had always things which stopped. A starting point was missing. This is when Prabod Sirur came to us saying that he has written a book on multiple intelligence, he said he would like to give a presentation to the people through syntillations. We were happy to hear and invited him to give his presentation in the induction to the new joiners along with Syntillations. Inspired from his presentation, Great Parents Club was formed. The right candidates to administrate the club were also found. Yesh Save and Mukesh Rijhwani. They are bringing this club to heights now.

There were many programs organized by syntillations. Horse riding, Biryaniday, lunch, republic day celebrations, independence day celebrations. Mushtache competition, ethnic wear, IT lab in yemlur school, Talent hunts, Logica Oscars, Sports and games, Blood donation camps. I am proud that I am the one who introduced a mustache completion in Logica which had a huge number of response, where we conducted it along with ethnic day and independence day celebrations.

One big failure was one of the birayni day where the chicken brought was rotten. And people had to leave hungry. A vary sad and tensed day. This is the day we realized that even if people do not appreciate for a good thing that you do, they would not spare you if you are responsible for one mistake happened.
We also celebrated most of the religious and cultural functions. Dillan and Rajesh Taiyil made the Onam a success where I remember Sulfy and Anne was making the floral decoration in the night. With the help of so many people. Dandiya day, Diwali celebration, Ramadan celebration with Biryani was one of the tasteful day, here I can not afford to forget Abdul who is one such person who has got the good heart who really helped our team in many difficulties. Avinash, Swami, Teresa, Joseph Anthony are some of the other people who helped us in the difficult situations.
I also got chance to bring a nice relationship with the yemlur village and Logica. Thanks to Srinivas and his friends who supported us and also JP and his friends for there help.
I would like to thank all my friends who supported us in this tenure including Previn Ravi, Bhupinder, people from Training department, admin team corporate communications for all there support.
The greatest support I got was from my project. I would like to thank Rajesh and Asit for the liberty they gave me in the project so that I had got enough time in working for syntillations. To the last I would ask a sorry to my wife and my child for not spending enough time with them last year. It was not at all possible for me without my wifes support.

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