Sunday, 16 October 2011

Horrible Day vs Wonderful Day

What a horrible way to end a week end!

Late in the evening we found that there are some essential house hold things finished. Me my wife and two of my children, all four of us took got in to my car and went for purchasing it. Have to come to Total Madiwala from electronic city. Got on to the Elevated toll bridge which runs all the way to silk board from electronic city. Nearing Bommanahally on the top of the bridge, left front tire got punctured. Got the triangular shaped reflector from the boot and kept it on the road 25 meters behind the car and switched on the parking light to protect from speeding cars. Checked the spare tire to see there is no air in it.

Called Hyundai helpline and told the problem. Sorry, this is Sunday late evening and we cannot help if there is not air in the spare tire. Called a mechanic just to hear that he is not in town. Called some of my friends, where all of them were away. One of them was in a hospital. No help around. Got a number of a tow vehicle's driver. He came and tow away the car. Had to stop the car in the bridge for an hour every second was horrible because of the fear of possibility of getting some vehicle to come and hit the car. Not easy to sit inside a car which is getting towed with wife and children. Reached Hyundai showroom to park it there. Had to pay 1200 Rupees to the tow service. Hired an auto to home reached home by 9:30 since it was late he took 150 rupees. Could not buy anything. Went to sleep worried.

-- Me


What a wonderful end of a great weekend. J

Late Sunday evening my father took all of us took in his car for a ride. He got on to the Elevated bridge which runs very long. Half the way on the top of the bridge, he stopped the car in the side He got a triangular shaped red light from the boot and kept it on the behind the car He illuminated yellow lights on both the sides of the car. He stayed out of the car while we all watched cars. He then drove his car on top of truck. Then he did not drive but the truck was moving. We had great fun. It was a wonderful feel to sit inside the car while the car is inside a truck and the truck moves. Reached a place where he parked his car and then he took us in an auto to home. It was a long time dream which came true for me to travel in an autorikshaw. Just to have fun we went out and came back. Slept happily.

-- Claire, my three year old child

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