Friday, 5 March 2010

When children work in IT

    To your left it's my father holding a book, And to his left it is Mr. Rajkumar Agrawal, wearing SAP t shirt, a person who has spend all his young days in bringing up the printing technology in Rajeshtan. His dream was to make Rajestan the center of printing technology. He has written his ideas and proposals of bringing his dream through many articles he has written and published. He now lives in the same apartment where I live. My parents came to Bangalore for a visit last month. My father who was in search of some one in the place to talk to found Mr. Agrawal, who in turn was searching for a company for him to speak with. both of them wait for each other in the morning and goes for a walk. Mr. Agrawal who have not ridden his Activa for the last six months took my father for a ride keeping him behind him. They are two people who wanted to spend there time in a very simple life style. Mr. Agrawal, who has already written about the upcoming IT India 20 years before, has recently started taking interest in real IT. He calls me as and when he have some doubt about computers. He now has got his own blogs and also in many of the community sites. Last day it was my fathers birthday. and Mr. Agrawal was the only guest we had for the simple cake cutting function at home. Next day when they were about to go for the walk I noticed there t-shirts. Since it was the branding month in Logica, as they have recently changed the logo. I was amused at the logo's they wear in there t-shirt. Since Mr. Agrawal's son works in SAP, he is wearing a t-shirt with SAP logo. and my father in a Logica t-shit.
When children work in IT, there parents go for mornig walk the branding.
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