Friday, 26 March 2010

Meeting with the CEO of Logica.

Syntillations team was invite for a meeting by Proboth Sirur, the Head of staff, with the CEO of the Company, Abhay Gupthe. The objective was to let him know about the activities we do and to get his ideas.
He was impressed with each of us. I utilised the chance to introduce him all the clubs that we have made. Also the administrators of the clubs.
He was impressed about the way it is managed and also on the utilisation of the workspace. He said you are doing lot of things, but it is not reaching people.
I took him through induvidual clubs, wheels, ecoriders, bikers, logiwood, runners, photologic, in which he was impressed. He has given ideas on how to take it to a reach were people have interest in participating in these clubs.

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