Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My Birthday on July 10 2010

My birthday is on July 10th. This year I got chance to cut three cakes. It’s a great feeling when you see people coming and wishing you on your birthday. It gave me a feeling at least that these many people are happy that I exist. And they are happy to share the happiness. At home with my wife and my child and with a family friend. At office with the office mates and the colleagues. But this year I was lucky to cut a cake with my friends in Syntillations. Most of the Syntillations members were there, and the volunteers of Syntillations. There were also some of the administrators of the SIG clubs. I had to stay there without making a move when they decorated my face with the cream of the cake. I felt very happy. Thanks to both the cakes. One arranged by Niraagulan Murugan and the other by Sruthi Kottaparambath. I could see the love they have when they were arranging the cake. And thank you once again to all the people who decorated me with the cakes cream. Nandu especially who did a nice artwork on my face J . Also thanks to all those people who came for the cake cutting.

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  1. My pleasure Joeeeee :) :)
    To make a special person feel special on his B'day.... :) :)