Sunday, 18 July 2010

Challenging the age, Narayan Reddy

Narayan Reddy, the milk man in our apartment is 83 years old. But he looks very less. He collects milk coupons from each door by 11:30 in the night and supplies milk according to that by 5:30 in the morning. He is not only a milk man but also supplies drinking water in 25 liter barrel to the houses. If there is a failure in the electricity supply we can see he lifting it on his shoulder and climbing the stairs. He also have put up a small fruit shop in front of the apartment. There was a health check up in Logica arranged by Syntillations to all the employees. It was found that around 80% of the people are having more than deserved cholesterol level. And around 20% of the people are under medication. Now look at these people they are of the age group less than 50. In the world where people have reduced physical work, he is an example for leading a healthy life even at this age. His habits and his willingness to do physical work is helping him to lead a perfect physical life. But you ask him his age he would say with a smile, “ Nanage naluvathu varsha, ashte sir”(I am only fourty sir).

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