Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wonderful people, Blinds

I was in front of Divakers hospital, Jayanagar, parking my car in the road side. I was taking my child Claire to hospital as there was some pus formation in her ears. I saw some of the students of Samarthanam (blinds) walking by the road holding each others hand.

When they reached me I asked them where they were going. I saw one of them smiling, and she said we are going to Samarthanam office. Then I asked do you know me?
To my and my wife’s surprise, one of them said, Joe uncle !
They played with my child for some time and invited me to there office nearby. I asked for excuse and left.
It’s been a month I met them in Logica. Still they remember me by name, and recognized me by my voice. Sad part is that I could see them but still I do not remember there names.


Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a registered NGO striving to provide visually impaired students’ shelter, education and help them lead normal lives. The trust runs various facilities such as free hostels, computer classes, vocational training, Integrated Education for the Disabled (IED), and an employment placement cell. The IT cell of the Trust is where physically handicapped students are trained in computers. Samarthanam has grown over the past 11 years and aims to achieve self-sufficiency through various activities.

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