Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Media is only one side of the reality. Think before you vote, but do vote.

As all the political parties are preparing for the next election, and as we all are been convinced by different means on who to vote for, requesting you to spend some time and think without being influenced by anything and any one.
Now all information that we are getting, are through media. Once we see what is happening in a particular location, we think that we actually have seen it. But the actual fact is that we have seen only those things which the reporter or the media wants us to see. You are not seeing everything which happened there, but you are seeing and believing what someone wants you to see and believe. And this is a great threat to the thoughts as we human beings are made in such a way to believe what you have seen. But this virtual reality becomes reality unknowingly and our brain is forced to accept it.
If you are religious, be religious, if you are of specific culture/breed, be proud of it.

Many times it is seen clearly that most of the people opposes a corrupt person and at the same time supports another corrupt person, for the reason that, the second has one common thing with them. It could be religion, cast, language, gender, region, village, state, district etc. and for the same reason, the second person is not corrupted or even though he/she is it is not a big corruption.   
Ask yourself if you are right. I really do not understand how we can be so uncivilised by supporting some people when you actually hear them talk. Most of the talk is happening with a secret weapon called “hate”. And you unknowingly start hating someone for the reason to support someone.
As far as India is concerned we want a good stable, government and nothing else. Even if you take 24 hours it is worth, as this will help you for the next five years.
We do not want a government which would help one particular cast, breed, religion, and what so ever groups we have in the nation. Let religion be religion, gods be gods and culture be culture. All that we are looking for is a party to form a government. We want just pure government and nothing else.
We want a party which can contribute to development, self-sustainability, good relationship with the rest of the nations and build a good government.
Let no wave take you from you.

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