Tuesday, 28 January 2014

K-Community meet Feb 2014

On 22nd Jan  I could make to the KM gathering at Unisys. The session was very informative and got introduced to people who have similar interest. In the session there were people from different companies and also independent KM practitioners. Dr. Madanmohan Rao is a KM author and consultant based in Bangalore, the editor of The KM Chronicles and four other book series also a co-founder of the Bangalore K-Community, was the moderator for the session.
Session started sharp 6:00 PM.
Key presenters
1. LNV Samy, VP, Global Technology and Delivery Centre (India, China and Australia), Technology Consulting and Integration Solutions, Unisys
2. Nirmala Palaniappan, Senior Manager – Social Enterprise, Oracle
3. Ved Prakash, Global KM Practice Head – Application Management, CGI
4. Raju Ramakrishna, Group KM Manager, Wipro
5. Dr. Pushpa who has taken his doctorate in Knowledge Management over social media was also present who presented on how social media is effecting knowledge with respect to the speed of getting information, and other new dimensions of KM over social media.
There were also KM leaders from Mindtree, Tech Mahendra, Societe Generale, etc who shared their thoughts on KM in their respective organisations.
Key notes and highlights.
Most of them highlighted on the importance of involving stake holders to make the initiative successful.
A message to ensure that not to get hung up with technology was given by most of them, which was again on the topic of debate.
Everyone agreed that when comparing quality with quantity we should focus more on quality and not on quantity.
1. Unisys is focusing on bringing KM in to the root level
a. The revenue benefit they achieved was showcased
b. Reuse strategy to increase revenue
2. Oracle is working on an expert locator which involves data from the HR system and also integrates feedback taken from the employees.
a. Introducing big data in to the KM system and to make better benefit out of it
b. Ensuring the usability of the KM system is made better
c. Making objectives for each year which is flexible so that if there is a business requirement, the objectives can be remodelled.
3. CGI had the biggest success story among all
a. Integration and cultural difference which KM had to undergo
b. ACTIONED! Framework
c. Changing the perspective of strength in each technology with horizontal connections.
d. How KM is built around the key objectives of the organisation
4. Wipro believes that the KM that they have now has reached a stage where it has to be re modelled and they are coming up with the next generation KM. They have divided Km in to three so as to keep focus
a. KM to customers (connect to customers and allow customers to reach out to the KM system so as to ensure that knowledge spread across is collected and shared)
b. Internal KM ( KM within the organisation)
c. Next generation KM ( Focusing on the quality and connectivity, collaboration and social networking)
d. Collecting feedback from individual teams on how KM has helped.
e. Creating use cases KM benefits.
f. Included KM as a question in Customer Satisfaction survey
g. Focus on revenue, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction with respect to KM
5. Tech Mahendra had a different story to share
a. They have a full ledged studio in Hyderabad for KM where videos are taken and shared on specific topics
b. Focused more on those areas where KM could show great importance.
Session got over by 8.

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