Wednesday, 6 October 2010

When you are demotivated

I am a person who thinks with the heart first and then with my mind. This is one of the reason why people close to me likes me. But this sometimes demotivate me when someone intentionally tries to trouble me. I feel people funny when they tries to cheat me. When I do things with big hope taking time out of my personal time and do something for the public, and at this time someone deliberately tries to create problem for me I gets really irritated. And this demotivates me.

A small story will give a strong pillar this thought. There is a drainage in front of my apartment on the side of the road. It was dirty and the rain water was not flowing as there was a blockage in it. The side of the road was also full of bushes. Around one fourth of the road was not utilized because of the bushes and the thons on it. I and some of my friends thought that we should clean it and started cleaning it. While we were cleaning some of the local people helped us in getting some tools. People started liking us. We also used to help the local people in different things. Some came to us for translating some documents and some came to us for filling some applications. Where some came to us to get some help for using the electronic electricity bill payment.

Hear I would like to introduce you to a person. He is the local politician, the municipal coporator , He wears a white dress all the time and always tries to show himself as everything and wanted to show that he is right. He wanted people to go to him and stand in front of him and treat him as an important person. He seems to notice we getting involved in things and did not like it. When he was told about us by one of the person who we helped, he intern told him that whatever these guys are doing are against the law. And whenever possible he used to create problems. One day we got some cement mix from one of the builders. They were taking it to dump it in a waste area. We talked to the truck driver and told him that any way you are going to dump it why don’t you give it to us. We would use it to fill the gap in the side of the road. He agreed. By now a guy from the panchayath called us. I heard that you are going to concreate the road. We said no, we are just going to fill the gaps. He said stopped us and told that you need to get the permission from municipal coporator for this. We went to him then he agreed with lot of constraints. He said you should not dump it anywhere. It has to be taken in smaller pots and taken to the places. We managed to do half the job and by then the truck driver said he is already late and took the rest of it and dumped it in the waste.

In another occasion when we were doing the cleaning of the road. He came and said that you should not be using the road in the busy hours for cleaning. He then send a complaint to the Police station saying that we were blocking the road in the busy hours, he said he would not be responsible if anything goes wrong. But we were actually cleaning the bushes, where people would not even come near. Next time onwards we thought we would ask permission from him and do things. But then he started finding faults in each and every thing we wanted to do. People who work in his office clearly told us that there is clear instruction from him not to allow us to do anything without his concern.

My Father Adv. Joseph Koyippally
One day I was taking the waste from my home to the municipal waste bin. A municipal cleaning man standing there suddenly turns and tells me” Sir you can not put bushes in to this waste bin. This is for the wastes from the houses. I understood why he behaves so and told him that I too live here and this is the waste from my home.

These kind of things when happen in life you loose faith in doing something for the society. But what my father taught me helps me to get myself motivated and I continue hearing my heart. My father, when I had done with my graduation got me next to him and told me, ”Do not worry when people turn against you, we live in the same world where Jesus himself was crucified. Do things so that I would get chance to tell this world that, you are my son and I am proud of him.” And he continued. “I have seen our nation before independence. I always loved my Nation and was always willing to do anything for it. I am getting old. Now you take care of my nation.”

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